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3 Tips for PEMF Therapy for Stress Relief

There are two kinds of stress responses, acute and chronic. Acute stress response prepares the body for sudden danger by boosting its physical abilities with the help of adrenalin. Such a response lasts only for few minutes, helping to fight the threat or escape it.

However, a chronic stress response is not so good. It is about low level but continues stress. The human body has not evolved to remain under continuous psychological pressure. Yet, escaping this low-level stress remains impossible for many. Even if individuals can overcome some anxiety, a new threat emerges. These low-level threats are related to daily life activities like the risk of losing a job, financial troubles, performance stress, and even stress of being left alone.

In older adults, chronic diseases could be a source of continuous stress like diabetes, hypertension, lower back pain, or another ailment.

Continuous stress and its ill effects – underlying mechanism

Regretfully, most individuals are so busy that they never have time to pause and manage stress. So ultimately, being in stress becomes a usual state, and nonetheless a damaging.

Chronic stress response starts from the brain. It causes hyperactivity of the HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal) axis. It means that the brain instructs the pituitary to manage stress. The pituitary is a small master gland that controls the activity of all glands. The pituitary gland instructs the adrenal gland to produce more hormones like cortisol to help manage long-term stress.

Cortisol has a vast number of health effects. It increases blood glucose levels, reduces immunity, increases appetite, causes specific behavioral changes. It may increase the risk of obesity and resulting low-grade inflammation. In addition, prolonged exposure to cortisol causes insulin resistance.

The pituitary gland also instructs adrenal glands to increase vasopressin levels, which causes water retention and increased blood pressure.

As one can understand, prolonged chronic stress causes metabolic disorders like diabetes and hypertension. Further, cortisol also instructs the brain to escape stress, and many people may thus indulge in alcohol abuse and substance abuse.

Various chronic stress responses may help in the short run. For example, even having a glass of wine may help counter stress. However, in the long run, it starts becoming destructive to health.

PEMF and stress management

As one can guess, there are many changes in the body in stress, from behavioral to neurohormonal. Thus, there is a need to alter thinking patterns, manage stress, and PEMF may help.

PEMF helps balance brain frequencies

Weak PEMF waves may help stimulate various brain centers, help relax, alter stress responses. Frequent use of PEMF may even result in behavioral changes. The PEMF Mat influences the circadian rhythm, helps to improve the quality of sleep and thus reduce stress.

PEMF may influence neurotransmitters

Although it is still an emerging subject, some early studies suggest that PEMF may help in stress due to its influence on neurotransmitters. Thus, one study found that it may even help improve physical activity levels in those diagnosed with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. In addition, it may alter neuro-excitability and increase the production of various bioactive compounds that exert a protective effect on the brain.

Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress

Unmanaged low-grade inflammation along with oxidative stress related to chronic stress are the reasons for worsening health in stress. Studies show that PEMF may help reduce inflammation, boost levels of antioxidants, and promote tissue recovery.

Additionally, PEMF may help overcome stress by providing relief in various physical ailments like promoting regeneration of joints, bones, helping with lower back pain, improving hormonal health. It may ultimately result in less pain, improved quality of life, and reduction in total stress load.

To overcome stress, one may combine PEMF with other equally safe and effective therapies, like hot stone therapy, far infrared therapy, and photon light therapy. Many mats at offer all these therapies in a single mat.

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays. Radhe also tries different gadgets every now and then to give their reviews online. You can connect with him...

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