10 Personalised Gifts Ideas for Travel Loving Husband

jeremie cremer M5xVtIv1Lo8 unsplash
jeremie cremer M5xVtIv1Lo8 unsplash

Whether to express the unsaid to our loved ones or just to appreciate their being in our lives, gifts do it all on behalf of us. Personalised gifts are something trending because of it holding a special place in one’s heart due to the nostalgia-stricken picture attached to the good time spent together with your loved ones. That is the reason when it comes to pampering our dear partners or spouses, it leaves a forever sweet mark on their hearts, making it super special. Here are some unique personalised gifts for husband – for a husband who likes to travel to the core. Your hubby will love to stay organised and also stay in style, as you choose to pamper him over any of these gifts. So, take cues and start your shopping!

Personalised Passport Cover – Nothing seems more evident than carrying a passport while one travels, hence a personalised passport cover seems like a cool gifting idea. Not just it will make an excellent thoughtful or practical gift, but also it is quite fashionable to help you notch up your airport style dairies. As per your choice, you can get a passport cover customised by getting the initials or the first name of your husband over it.

Personalised Travel Bracelet – Accesoring with some cool travel-based jewellery will make your man turn into the man of your dreams. You can get it personalised names, coordinates and much more for your dear husband. Jewellery pamperings like these cannot be denied to fall in love with. Period!

Personalised Travel Journal –  The best gift for a traveller husband is finally here! If your husband loves to travel and also loves to write, then a personalised travel journal will be a perfect gift to pamper him. From having a map of the world on its front page to getting his name personalised on the cover page of the journal, it makes a great gift for any occasion. 

Personalised World Push Pin Map – If he gets puzzled while answering what all countries he has been to, then a personalised world push pin map will help him answer that question. Not just that, he will also pin some countries that he wishes to tour soon. You can get his name personalised along with the occasion you are gifting him this on to make this world push pin map an amazing gift. 

Personalised Travel Keepsakes Box – There are quite high chances of misplacing things when one is on the go. So something like a personalised travel keepsakes box which helps your husband get all his essentials at one place, while he is travelling. He can also keep some souvenirs and polaroid photographs in it, all related to his travel scenes to leave people around him talking.

Personalised Laptop Sleeve – For every digital nomad who likes to even tour the world, a personalised laptop sleeve is a classic yet a very practical gift. If your hubby is one of this kind, then win his heart by passing him a stylish laptop sleeve which will help him to flaunt your love globally. When pamperings come along with the practical- approach, it will surely be loved by your husband. 

Personalised Keychains – No new fact that when one travels one needs to keep all his belongings and keys safely with him, which is why a personalised keychain is a great gift for a traveller husband. We know how husbands can be forgetful about organising their essentials, so a keychain with his name on it helps when it comes to keeping his house keys, safe keys and other important keys that he may need while travelling secured at a single place. 

So, these were some of the top personalised gifts for your travel-loving husband which are sure to melt his heart into tears. You can shop for any of these online or offline at some reputed store. 


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