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Write the perfect college essay for exams and assignments

In college life, you are given many essays to write so, once you transfer from school to college you should be expecting a ton of essays coming your way. Usually, before college in schools, you are taught to write an essay but easier than a college-level essay.

College-level essays are much harder and longer as college essays are on a whole different level. You won’t just write a perfect essay out of nowhere; you will have to give all your focus and attention to it to improve and get better at essay writing.

The school-level essay formats are way different than college essays. You are given much instruction which has to be followed when writing. You’re also given requirements to meet such as which topic, how to end your essay, etc.

Whereas in schools, you were only given a topic to write 4-5 paragraphs about and that’s about it. Many students struggle to write an essay after they have transferred to college as it’s something new for them while some students are already prepared for it because of college admission and scholarship essays.

There are two types of college-level essays, informative and persuasive. An informative essay is in which you talk about the topic in form of a question and tell your audience what this topic and means and what’s it about.

A persuasive essay is also known as an argumentative essay; in this type of essay, you give your point of view and argue why you should do this and what are its benefits or drawbacks. It’s a form of convincing your audience to do something you agree on.

Now let’s talk about the topic stage, it is most likely that you will be given a topic to write on by your professor but if not, you can choose a topic of your interest so you don’t get bored while researching about it.

And yeah, many students think that there might be someone who you could write my paper, this is completely wrong and you should always do your assignments on your own.

Here is how you should always write your essay;

Gather the information you need

Once you’re given a topic, you should immediately start working on it and researching to gather a bunch of ideas and examples to support the ideas. You can use your school library to research your topic as it has computers in it and computers are known to be an effective form of research. There is everything available on the internet so you shouldn’t have a problem finding anything about your topic.

Also, don’t try to fake information as your teachers have done all the research on the topic before they gave it as an assignment. They might even fail you if get caught so, try not to do this as it will be unfair and unethical.

Draft it using the information

Once you’ve gathered all the information about the topic, you can start drafting your essay by plotting the ideas in each paragraph to see if they have a link together. And about the support sentences, each idea should have its support sentence or it will look incomplete and poorly written.

Begin writing

With the draft, it’ll be much easier for you to write the essay as everything will be plotted in its place, you won’t even have to think where to place which idea, etc.

However, in the end, make sure you give your essay closure by writing a conclusion in which you will be reviewing your ideas and giving your own opinion on them.

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