Wisely Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Tiles

When it comes to surfacing the interior surface of the swimming pool it can be confusing decisions as there is a clear difference between the tiles used in a home and the swimming pool tiles. The pool tiles are exposed to both sunlight and substances, which make it necessary to be more durable.

Moreover, all the tiles and pebbles these days are getting very popular for surfacing pools. There is porcelain, glass, ceramic and stone which comes in all types of styles, colors and all variants to select from it depends upon you what you like:

  • Stone Tile

These tiles will give your swimming pool a classic or an Oasis type of natural look. The stone tiles textured feel is perfect for installing at a patio, deck, or resort. Moreover, when stone tiles are combined with the coping the look is more simultaneous and gorgeous. 

 There are so many elements in stone tiles like flagstone, travertine, slate, sandstone, bluestone and semi-polished granite tiles that have a pepper tone color.

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles 

Both of these tiles are the most common choice for pool tiles everywhere, as these tiles are strong enough to withstand the exposure to water, sunlight, and everything outside.

 Moreover, its density makes it the best choice for pools as it is going to survive out there without getting damaged and don’t need any serious maintenance. They are easy to install and also pretty easy to take care of.

  • Mosaic Tile

These tiles consist of an array of different colors, designs, sizes, and types of tiles in a combination. You will find the finished product look unique and vibrant, which will be magnificent and an eye-catching view to your pool.

  • Glass Tiles 

These tiles are the most popular choice for pool tiles. Glass tile is the most durable and non-porous form of the rest of the available options, and it also looks fantastic the way the glass tiles capture sunlight and mirrors the movement of water.

The glass tiles come in a small and mosaic manner, which makes it easy to put on covering a curved surface area also. There is a different quality of Glass tiles to fit in everybody’s budget. However, installing the glass tile is hard labor which makes it expensive, but the results are unique to look at.

 Some glass tiles have an iridescent coating that shimmers with the change of lighting and water flowing on the surface. Moreover, if you choose an upscale tile, it will give more dynamic and look aesthetic on your pool.

  • Pebble Surface 

They are a mixture of hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles. The pebble surface is non-porous and so won’t absorb the chemicals of the pool and get damaged. These have a longer life span and have high resistance to algae and staining and are also slip-free. They come in every color you like from white to black so that they can be one of the options.

However, before picking one of the tiles mentioned above, you should go through some important aspects and things.

  • Making a Budget

Everything needs a budget, so as the pool tiles as they are expensive and one-time investment also. So, you will have to choose wisely keeping in both your need and budget. As if you choose intricate designs, they can be heavy on the budget if it’s low.

  • Safety Is Must 

This is a real concern because of the safety of you, and your family is a must. Which makes it necessary to choose slip-resistant tiles for the outside area of the pool as it’s going to be wet all the time. 

  • Guarantee

Putting a pool tile is like a lifetime thing, as it will be expensive and tiring to change it if it gets damaged easily. So, it’s advised to buy pool tiles with the lifetime guarantee against wear, tear, and discoloration.

  • Maintenance Regime

Before buying the tile, you should get all the information on how to clean them and take care of them.

All these details will make you choose the best swimming pool tiles and use your pool for a lifetime without worrying about anything.

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