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Why Eco-Friendly Boxes are the most Reusable Product in the Packaging Industry?

We all are quite familiar with the fact regarding the harmful aspects of waste and pollution in the overall environment. Eco friendly boxes emerged as a blessing on humankind that is reducing the amount of waste by being easy to reuse, reprocess, and recycles. Although ecological items are the safest choice for packaging purposes, there are still a few alternatives currently used by different vendors. Let us provide you some of the other possible choices of packages.


In many industries, plastic, mainly resin, is the most common package items. It is the most commonly used item, but its wide usage has caused some serious human well-being issues. Some of their major drawbacks are; compared to other packing materials, the melting point of plastics is pretty low. Another major issue that it is entirely non-degradable material and its decay is nearly impossible. If their items are disposed of water reservoirs, they clog the natural sources of water and continue to float on its reservoirs. Plastic items cause numerous harms on nature.

Their packages contain harmful components that can cause any chemical reaction with an object that is packed in them that damages it ultimately. As compared to custom eco-friendly boxes, these items have not undergone any ecological risk approval process, and they endanger other organisms.

Lastly, packs that are made of plastic materials have short usage lives as compared to others. Their limited lifespans increase unwanted garbage. There are large pile-ups of disposed of items in terms of plastic bags, Packaging, food stuffing boxes, and water bottles in different areas such as offices, houses, playgrounds, and amusement parks.


Another easy substitution of custom printed eco-friendly boxes is aluminum. They have less harmful effects compared to plastics, but some factors are unneglectable. The topmost is their cost; they are highly expensive materials. They have an increased lifespan and can preserve their packed item for an extended period, but their accessibility is also a major issue.

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You can open or close a package without a proper opener. If you try to open a pack, there are high chances of injury because of its sharp edges. Aluminum packs are recyclable, but they are not 100% biodegradable. In their recycling process, the two toxic gases, namely sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide, result in both smog and acid rain that highly affect the environment.


For the packing of numerous food and beverage products, glass and Custom Eco Friendly Packaging Boxes are mostly used. Glass jars are mainly used to pack jams, honey, different alcoholic beverages, and other food items like pickles and peppers. But a slight breakage or crack on their panel can make them completely useless and waste their packed items as well. They have low resistance regarding changes in the temperatures. A sudden shift can make them shatter in no time. Another major disadvantage of these items is that they are heavy compared to any item of sustainable Packaging. The safety of a consumer is always at stake while using glass packs. They become even more dangerous when they are broke. Their sharp edges of even small pieces can cause serious injuries to everyone. They shattered into millions of small pieces that cannot easily be seen. Their shipment is always risky, and in most cases, their breakage is expected for their transportation on long journeys. The opening and closing of glass packaging is also a major concern of many consumers. You will require a separate closing lid to secure their packed item. Once their items are opened, you cannot make sure their seal closing even if you use closures such as a lid, a cork, a bottle cap, etc. that can allow the contamination to enter their packages and contaminate their packed items.

Wooden boxes

The wooden packing is also an alternative for biodegradable boxes USA that is currently used by many businesses. Wooden packs are a bit durable that can protect different items, including slightly delicate items as well. They have resistance capabilities to prevent few harms of adverse weather conditions such as sun rays, humidity, rain, etc. Their topmost disadvantage is the manufacturing cost.

They are bulky in both weight and size that occupy more space and not easy to carry and handle by everyone. Their textural surfaces do not support any printing techniques to print any special instruction or graphical illustrations. They only support a few customizations to change their change appearances. Unlike sustainable packaging wholesale dealer who reduces the prices of their sales items, the bulk quantity of wooden packs are also quite costly.

The above-mentioned products are some of the closest alternatives to recyclable boxes that are still working in different industries. By having a piece of detailed information on their various characteristics, you can easily see that the pollution that is caused by decomposing is a major issue that should not be ignored by anyone. Nothing can replace the benefits of using environmentally friendly packaging solutions. They help you to contribute your share in protecting the atmosphere in every way possible. They are cost-efficient, safe, and support various customization to improve their sustainability and outer looks further. Their consumers can easily change the appearance of eco-friendly boxes design in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. to make them more custom-made, which helps the brand create their distinction in this tough competitive environment.

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