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Why Choose Xamarin for Android App Development Services?

Xamarin is known to be a coder’s delight. More than 1.4 million developers are using Xamarin worldwide even though it’s not as old as the rest of the platforms. Over 1500 companies are using Xamarin products in 120 countries. The industries include healthcare, gaming, media, finance, and transportation. 

Xamarin apps are great at meeting user expectations. This platform is a cross-platform tool and it can also be used for delivering Android app development allows developers to share 90 percent of their code across different platforms. Based on the Microsoft tech stack, this platform is great for building apps using C#. It’s considered best for huge apps. It’s user-friendly and it let enables companies to respond to all the customer requirement without putting a great deal of effort.

Why Choose Xamarin?

If you are wondering whether to build your next mobile app in Xamarin or not, here some reasons why it’s the foremost choice of many developers when it comes to Android app development services:

It Uses Object-Oriented Language 

In case you are wondering which language is used for coding, it’s C# Programming, the modern version of C++. This is way better than coding in JavaScript and C. 

C# is object-oriented and it has a simple syntax. This makes it easier for developers to use headers and pointers. Plus, it’s functional on both Android and iOS platforms and its performance is great.

Great for Building-On Demand Apps

For Android Development, Xamarin. Android is used. It is converted into intermediate language and then a unique assembly code. Its frameworks allow the designer to use multiple ways of designing the user interface of the application. 

Its code can be used and constructed in C# with minimal effort. The percentage of code that can be repurposed depends on the model of Xamarin development chosen i.e. Android or iOS. 

Fast Development Cycle

The reusability of the code allows the developers to develop an app in the shortest time frame. The same code can be shared on different platforms hence reducing the development time. That’s why developers love it.

There is no need to create separate APIs for each platform. With Xamarin, you can use the same API for building Android, iOS, or Windows apps.

No Hardware Compatibility Problem

When working on Xamarin to offer Android app development services, no need to worry about hardware compatibility. Its plugins and APIs support cross-platform development. Therefore, developers can experience native level interaction regardless of the hardware they are using. This also makes it easier to develop customized apps.

Low Maintenance Cost

Developers don’t have to write code for scratch. This reduces the chances of errors and in some cases, debugging is removed from the app’s development cycle. There is no need to update the logic or maintain the code. This reduces the cost significantly. 

Robust Integration

It’s easy to integrate Xamarin with different SDKs of a mobile OS. You can even combine the Android SDK with GDK for creating an app. 

Additionally, whenever a problem arises, it’s easy to reach out to the community of developers for troubleshooting and help. 

Better Testing 

Xamarin is not just used for developing apps, but it’s also great with testing and debugging. It provides a test cloud and automation framework which eliminates the speed for running a separate automation testing. This is another compelling reason to choose it for Android app development services. After testing, it’s easier to implement the improvements as well.

Use Xamarin. Forms

Xamarin Forms is a separate product. It lets you design a product prototype and share its codes across different platforms.

Easy to Maintain and Update

Developers also love how easy it is to update or maintain an app designed in Xamarin. Simply expand the changes made to the source file and the changes will be implemented automatically. 

The shared code restricts the number of bugs while developing the app. Even if bugs are identified, they are easy to fix and maintain. Everything is simple.

Improve Performance with Xamarin Insights 

Another cool thing about this framework is Xamarin Insights. These insights make it easier to identify errors and reduce the app failure ratio. Insights send alerts whenever an issue is identified such as reduced load speed. It helps developers in rectifying the problem as it arises. This way, the app works efficiently. 

The insights also update about crash reporting. The team of developers can address this issue and track the event that leads to the crashing. These insights bug identification quick and easier.

Some Laminations of Xamarin

Before choosing Xamarin for Android app development services, you must be aware of its limitations too. Although it’s a great platform to work with, some of its drawbacks could make it inapt for your app. Let’s have a look at them: 

Heavy Size 

Xamarin apps have a built-in overhead. They often have a large footprint which can occupy a lot of space in the device and affect the download time. Your team of developers will have to put in extra effort to reduce the size of the app. Even if they are successful, users might still not be pleased with the heavy size.

Limited Support

Even though there is a wealth of online information available in the form of communities, groups, and forums, developers still run into problems on a daily basis. The community for Xamarin is relatively new. The platform is getting popular steadily but the support community stills need to develop.

It’s expensive

You need to have an ample budget to choose Xamarin for Android app development services. You will need a Xamarin certified developer to do the job and they could be expensive as compared to other developers.

Summing Up

Choosing Xamarin for your next android app development project is a great idea. This platform is easy to work with, requires less maintenance, finding bugs and errors is a piece of cake plus you will have your app developed in no time. However, do keep on thing in mind, finding a certified developer could be expensive. 

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