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Why best talent lagged Oscar On the Basis Of Performances!

Dynamic Performance is enough for Oscar Award:

Multiskilled or veteran actors embark from drama, theatre gradually across through immense tides, reaching to the culminated point likewise profundity in their performance, resilience attain by proficiency, persistence and determination commences to mould an actor into a superstar.

Promulgated as, “live a reel life like a real!” reveal everything, one who relishes his character passionately is the one whose performance is fantabulous, is the genuine artist. Drama School Mumbai believed in embracing this moral conduct in its students.

Although being long when award-winning performances were underestimated and ignored by the jury members, even if not recognised by the appreciation which they genuinely worthy might be they did not find an inevitable space in jury viewpoint.

Evince the myth or reality:

About numerous movies are unrecognised under the hegemony of award viz Oscar might did not satisfied the criteria academy supposed to fit for movies  

Secret Sunshine

Lee Chang-Dong, wrote the story of the young widow whose sorrow, tear dragged or engulfed into grief, prompts the immense trouble of others to illustrate occurring to you into it. Movie was tremendously successful in South Korea and was honoured by a distinct award organization globally.

Before Midnight

Richard Linklater failed to grasp the attention of the academy as in earlier performances. Before Midnight the story tells about the French-American couple strived an exhilarating journey; different people connected with them were beloved, ally, rival, stranger, co-conspirator, colleague. The romantic story displeased to attain the appreciation from the academy jury.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Film series Mad Max, directed by George Miller, the script of Max, a man of action who endeavours to pacify anxiety, emotions and consequently lost his spouse and child in the aftereffect of the turmoil. Furiosa, a lady of action who personified her track to persevere might be achieved if she may make it across the desert behind to her childhood fatherland.

An annihilating story set in the utmost influences of our world, in a stark desert panorama where wrecking benevolence, and about everyone is absurd to confront, hostile for the constraints of living.

Beasts of No Nation

Movie Beasts Of No Nation is based on a novel by Uzodinma Iweala, the story of a young boy Agu who is forced to enrol in a battalion in a fictional West African country. He trembles his commander and numerous men encompassing him, his fledgeling childhood has been fiercely shivered by the war raging by his country.  Agu is riven between adverse repugnance and fascination portrays the mechanics of war, as he shy apart from explicit, visceral aspects and depicts a compact, difficult description of a child son.


Movie based on the chronic apartheid, rampant discrimination, agitation for rights for suffrage during Civil War 1965. When Martin Luther King Jr. took leadership to rise against unsocial, immoral practices by the campaign to ensure fair voting rights through bearing immense hostility, brutality.

The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson rectifying the Voting Right Act 1965, being the most prominent triumph for the civil war in history.

Director Ava DuVernay wrote the story, narrating the struggle of Dr.Martin Luther King, his brother and sister family took the initiative to draft the new chapter based on equality and justice.


A widow mother resides with her mentally challenged twenty-eight-year son, she carries her livelihood by selling medicinal herbs. Torment occurred when a brutally killed young girl charged came on his son. Now the story depicts the mother’s effort to prove her son impeccable by diverse illegalities and betray measures.

With these few instances we conclude that performance, innovative measures are not sufficient to attain the interest of the academy spotlight although influencing, mesmerising and engaging the audience is unworthy to enlist in the priority of academy jury. Except, Directors persevere effortfully and effectively unbothered about the appreciation motive to entertain the audience utterly, in like manner inculcated by Drama School Mumbai.

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