When Recruiting Executives, look for these important traits

Hiring at an executive level is much more challenging and intricate than average hiring. Executives play the role of leaders and have a huge impact on the success of an organization. They have the power of shaping the culture and vision of the business. 

All great executives have a series of common skills and traits that organization needs for their success and growth. Here are 7 of those:


The business world is constantly changing. There are always new ways of doing business, new risks, and new competitors. Executives are responsible for optimizing success in a rapidly evolving world. This includes a vision and the ability to adapt. They are not afraid to experiment, trying out new technologies, and evolve their business process. Thus, it is important to look for a candidate who is adaptable to market changes and find opportunities to improve.


All great leaders have a vision and a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve. They create a vision, articulate it and share it with the rest of the team to help achieve the organization’s goals. They make sure to perfectly fit each member of the team into their vision. 

When recruiting an executive, look for candidates who share your organization’s vision. Not only it will create a positive work environment but will also help your organization achieve long term goals.


One of the important traits of a great leader is transparency. Their vision and goals are clear and they effectively communicate them with the rest of the organization. They keep all employees on one page and share their ideas with the team. 

Moreover, they find solutions by being honest and open about the organization’s problems with employees. An executive who understands the importance of transparency can create greater employee engagement and better organizational alignment.


Things start to fall apart once the leader starts being dishonest with his or her team members. It is of utmost importance for employees to trust their executives in order to maintain their confidence and job satisfaction. 

When recruiting an executive, look for a candidate who will be truthful about good or bad news with everyone. Hiring an executive who gives and takes honest feedback will allow the rest of the team members to improve and grow.  


Self-awareness can be a big problem for executive-level employees. These employees are overlooking other teams. Any bad emotion can affect the rest of the team. So, it is extremely important for executives to be self-aware and to identify the emotions they experience day-to-day.

The great executives understand their weaknesses, admit them, and work towards their improvement. 

Executives who are self-aware not only build trust but also create a positive environment in the organization.  It is important to look for candidates who are self-aware and in complete control of their ego. 

Effective Communication

Effective communication is another trait of a great leader. The best executives get the whole team on the same page so that everyone can work towards the organization’s goals. They communicate organization goals clearly and effectively to the rest of the team through both, written and verbal communication.

Great executives are not only good at communicating their vision, but they also listen to different perspectives. They give opportunities to team members to share their ideas and opinion. It is another important trait to look for in your next search for an executive.


Empathy is a core leadership skill. It is a skill that allows executives to look at the issues from broad perspectives across departments within their organization and how their decisions can influence them. 

When recruiting an executive for your organization, look for candidates who understand the importance of empathy. By being empathetic, they will help struggling employees improve and give numerous benefits to your business. 

These are the seven traits that you should look for when hiring executives. You can also hire a board placement firm to help you hire an executive. Executive search firms have a lot of experience in executive placement. With their incredible expertise, they can choose the perfect person for the position vacant in your company.

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