What Next for an SEO Company to Keep Up on the Google Ranking

What Next for an SEO Company to Keep Up on the Google Ranking
What Next for an SEO Company to Keep Up on the Google Ranking

Something that continually keeps any SEO company dangled is Google Algorithms. The moment you try to perceive a system thoroughly, a new update pops up. But, working along the guidelines laid by Google is what is going to fetch in traffic, leading to higher sales and then higher profits. So, to grow as an SEO company, a proper idea about this feature is essential. 


Increasing the online brand visibility is one of the prime goals that any SEO company aims at. Maintaining and tracking visibility is a necessary action and it can fetch tons of information. There are many tools through which you can follow the visibility or the ranking for your website. Some track for free, while some are paid tools.  

Web Traffic

For any SEO, just building a website can’t get the job done. After bringing the site into working mode, ensuring targeted and relevant traffic is another goal in itself. They build strategies to fetch in new prospects for the websites. In case of any unproductive website, an SEO always aligns the on-site and off-site activities with promoting the website’s services.  Many experienced SEOs, including an SEO company in Kolkata, spend quality time understanding their client’s product, services and business goals and then accordingly layout their plan of action.

Google Analytics and Data Studio are two great free tools to track website traffic.

Return Of Investment

Investments play a very prominent role in any business. Return of investment is one of the ultimate goals of the company. Thus, an SEO not only tracks website traffic but also delivers the recovery of their investment. Driving the targeted traffic, which brings in real action, is what finds results. Tracking SEO’s efforts is also a primary objective, which shows how far your website has progressed in terms of the ROI.

Keeping Up with Up Google Algorithms

Keeping all these goals and the guidelines laid by Google for any SEO to work efficiently under a white hat procedure is not just anyone’s cup of tea. SEO’s need to be highly professional nowadays. Keeping up regularly with all of a sudden updates of the Google Algorithms, specific methods can make consistent in the right way without getting worked up.

To sustain this field of work, an SEO must understand all the Google updates by going back in history. Highlighting a few like, Panda, BERT, Penguin, Hummingbird, RankBrain.

Understanding the Pattern

Google brings in its updates by keeping a few things in mind. They focus on making the search results more relevant and precise. Through this, they take the required steps for reducing spam and people trying to manipulate Google Algorithms. Over these years, it has been working on better and genuine content. Google has also been trying to recognize the most authoritative and trusted sources on the internet.

Being Prepared

Every update by Google possesses a purpose in itself. Acknowledging these updates can give some clarity about the purpose and hence can make you prepared to think ahead for your company. A broad idea about the updates and meaning of the Google Algorithms may be able to get you a little proactive in terms of what next.

Provide Exclusive Content 

A forever challenge for any SEO company is to be one of a kind. All the genuine SEO aim at regular learning and keeping their team updated about the new techniques to provide the best of their services. An SEO company in Kolkata is also into this process of regular nurturing. It is imperative to be fresh and innovative when it comes to your service. Like Google’s senior webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller has said, “Awesomeness is a Google ranking factor,” it is crucial to be so. Creating excellent content is something that will help you keep hiking on the rank structure.

Thus, for any SEO company being unique, genuine, innovative, intriguing, trustworthy and authoritative are the few prior keys to make its way through the rank structure.


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