What is included in a living room furniture set?

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Are you considering a matched set of living room furniture? Some of the interior designers across the web will tell you that living room furniture doesn’t have to match. In fact, some claim that your furniture should never match and that each piece should be individually chosen for its contribution to the eclectic living room as a whole. 

What these interior designers won’t tell you is that you can buy your furniture in a set and still make use of these eclectic and Bohemian trends. Today’s furniture designers know that people don’t want their furniture to look like the living room set of a dollhouse. Instead, they are offering complete living room sets that incorporate different but complementary patterns and textiles. This way you can save time and money by getting living room sets for sale.

But what is included in these living room furniture sets? While each brand and furniture collection differs, there are some pieces that you can expect to find in a set.

Sofas and loveseats 

The biggest, and for some the most important, piece of living room furniture is the couch, sofa, or loveseat. Once upon a time you only had the option of a three-seat sofa or a two-seat loveseat, or both, in a living room set. But today you have many more options. You can choose from sleeper sofas, sectionals, and modular sofas that allow you to rearrange your rooms at the slightest whim.

When you are deciding which of these pieces to put in your living room, make sure that you are allowing for sufficient walk space around the furniture when it is put in place on arrival. You should have at least 18 inches of clear space in front of the seats. If you have or host individuals who require mobility aids, you should really increase that to at least 20 inches, while wheelchairs require a 36-inch clearance.

Accent chairs

Every living room furniture set comes with an available accent chair. You should consider having at least one if your space allows for it. Furniture sets that offer complimentary but dissimilar pieces typically offer an accent chair that is of a different pattern, upholstery, or textiles than the sofa or loveseat. This gives your room an aesthetic that says, “I found these perfectly suited pieces of furniture that work together,” without the work.

While a standard living room set comes with one accent chair, you can order as many as you wish. If you have a fireplace, matched chairs in front of it with a complimentary sofa in the background work very well.

Chaises, ottomans, and benches

Today’s most popular interior designers are now using the chaises, ottomans, and benches available within the same furniture collections to make the most of small, cramped, or oddly shaped spaces. They give you additional seating options that don’t take up a lot of space. Hidden interior storage is also a common feature of benches and ottomans.

You can also use them to accent the other pieces, such as placing an ottoman in front of an accent chair. Or, you can place them to be used as individual seats. Ottomans are also great because they are so lightweight they can easily be moved around the room as needed.


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