What Is Hot Desking Etiquette?

Hot Desking Etiquette

If you are thinking about getting off the kitchen table and into a more professional environment, you might have considered hot desking. 

Hot desking is a brilliant no-commitment option when you need a change of scenery to work in, access to quality facilities, and want to be surrounded by individuals who are on their own path.

That being said, as with everything, there is some essential etiquette that should be followed to make sure everyone can have an enjoyable time.

This piece will discuss what hot desk guidelines you need to be aware of. 

Clean Up After Yourself 

Leaving a mess behind at your rented hot desk is a big no-no. This is a space that everyone can use, and no one wants to be cleaning up anyone else’s left-over rubbish. Keep your area clean and tidy, ensure any bags or coats are not a trip hazard and make sure you leave it how you found it. Unless you are renting an office for a long period of time, anyone can book any desk from day to day, so make sure not to leave any confidential or valuable items either. If you do need to keep things off your desk during the day to keep things neat for others, then you can use the lockers or storage that is provided. 

Leave on Time

If you are booking your desk by the hour and not by the day, there is a good chance that someone else has your desk booked immediately after you. Do not leave it to the last minute to start packing up or making sure the area is tidy, as this cuts into the next person’s time. Make sure you are ready to go on time!

Remember It Is a Shared Space 

You might be paying to rent your desk, but you are also sharing a space with many other people, people you need to be considerate about

You cannot be excessively noisy, should not play music out loud, have loud phone conversations, or raise your voice. A hot desk space needs to be enjoyed by everyone, which should be a collective effort. Do your best to make your presence a welcome addition rather than a nuisance for other workers. 

Only Use Desks That You Have Booked

Loitering over spaces you have not booked or paid for is a red flag for etiquette. This is unfair to the people who have paid for the area and need to concentrate on their work as you could cause a distraction to others.  

Be mindful of the space you have paid for and stick to that area. Being aware of other people using the space will enable you to work in harmony and help avoid an awkward or uncomfortable atmosphere by not respecting other people who are also working.  

If you are interested in booking a hot desk, head over to thebrew.co.uk to find out more. 

Hot desking can be an excellent way to experience a professional work environment without the commitment and can be particularly useful if you tend to work from home or travel for work and need a specialized base without any strings attached.


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