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What do Mechanical Engineers do

Today, it is almost impossible to live without using any machine. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering and in terms of employment options has a wide scope ahead. It is the branch of engineering that deals with designing machines, analysing and manufacturing mechanical system. It involves deploying of basic principles of engineering, physics for design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.  Mechanical Engineering has wide linkage with other branches of engineering as well. This branch of engineering plays an important role in industries like- automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, computer and electronics, automation etc. They usually design and manufacture every industry-related machinery by themselves. Right from switches to spacecraft, nothing can get designed without their supervision. They are also responsible for gauging a product’s functionality and durability. If you love things that move, this is your programme!

Post their degree, a mechanical engineer will typically do a few things like: Analyse problems to see how a mechanical device might help solve the problem, Design or redesign mechanical devices, creating blueprints so the device can be built, Develop a prototype of the device and test the prototype to ensure smooth functioning, modify the test results as needed and Supervise the manufacturing process in general.

What does university degree entail?

In a university curriculum, you’ll develop the skills you need to design everything ranging from all aspects like mechanical design: mechanics, power, control, and manufacturing etc. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering trains you to become a wholesome professional. In India, admission in B.Tech– Mechanical engineering is offered by various engineering colleges at the undergraduate as well postgraduate level. Post the degree, one tend to become an expert in solving problems that keep changing with technology innovations. Also, there are various kinds of Mechanical engineers like, Automotive Research Engineers, Heating and Cooling Systems Engineers, Robotics Engineers, Materials Engineers etc. Responsible for designing power-producing machines, like electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines etc, Mechanical engineers are considered to be the backbone of a country. They make reliable and efficient machinery and boost the fast-paced development of a country. Getting an admission in B.Tech- Mechanical Engineer has been considered one of the most prestigious degrees to pursue.  

Mechanical engineering programmes focus less on theory and more on the hands-on application of engineering principles.

The scope of Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineers work all over the world- every kind of industry and business type.  The scope of Mechanical Engineering in terms of jobs has soared both in India and abroad. The most common industry where a mechanical engineer can work is Thermal Power Plants, Oil & Petroleum Plant, Electronics Industry, Aerospace, Shipping Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Railway Systems Design, Consumer Goods Design and Production and Management Consultancies etc.

Mechanical engineering plays an important role in making people’s lives productive. The disciplines related to Mechanical Engineering unlock solutions to the world’s most critical challenges. Hence, the relevance of Mechanical Engineering will never see a downfall. In fact, given how the world is changing, professionals from this background will help countries evolve, develop and succeed!

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