What Can You Expect in a Six Sigma Online Certification Course?

Are you planning to sign up for a business management training course? Whether you are just starting or want to deepen your knowledge of the subject, there are a few courses that offer an array of benefits.

The business management training offered in Six Sigma certification online programs covers all aspects of the methodology.

Course participants can expect to build upon their existing skills and learn new ones by participating in interactive lessons that increase their knowledge of Six Sigma. 

Here are some things you can expect to learn in your Six Sigma online training course:

Application of 6 Sigma Concepts

When you enroll in a Six Sigma certification program, your instructors familiarize participants with the concepts and tools to improve processes in today’s businesses.

You’ll learn how to use these concepts, including SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die), DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) and SPC (Statistical Process Control).

Planning a Six Sigma Project

The online Six Sigma training program shows you how to plan a project with a high probability of success. You’ll learn the steps involved, such as initiating the project, developing customer requirements, and developing team leadership skills. 

Participants also learn about the tools used in project management, including Pareto diagrams, process flowcharts, and affinity diagrams.

Measuring Process Performance

Instructors in online Six Sigma certification courses teach participants how to measure performance correctly. You learn how to set performance goals, identify the critical business processes that need improvement, and ensure that employees work together toward common goals. 

You’ll also learn about several statistical tools that can help you measure performance, including control charts.

Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

Your instructors will guide you through exercises that teach you to find opportunities for improvement in your processes and present solutions to the problems identified.

According to your training program’s schedule, these may occur in a classroom or an online setting. In both cases, you receive step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the exercises and solve problems that arise.

Analyzing Problems

In your Six Sigma certification online course, you learn about the tools used to analyze problems in business processes by employing statistical tools such as Pareto charts, variables control charts and brainstorming.

Participants also learn about several tools used to analyze problems in business processes, such as process maps and flowcharts.

Data Analysis Tools

Participants in Six Sigma certification courses can learn about visual displays of data, high-level statistical analysis, and computer software that helps them analyze the efficacy of a business process.

Your training program also teaches you how to summarize data sets, determine whether a process is in a state of statistical control and provide solutions that have a high impact on the customer.

Graphing Data

Graphing tools are essential in Six Sigma certification courses because they help participants show relationships between variables.

Your training program may show you how to use several types of graphs, such as histograms or control charts. You can use these graphics to increase your project’s probability of success.

Solutions for Process Improvements

During your Six Sigma certification course, you learn to make recommendations for process improvements by solving problems encountered in business processes.

You can expect to learn about several problem-solving tools, such as the DMAIC method and SPC. Participants also learn to identify control variables for processes, design projects using specific business requirements, and prepare project scope statements.

Teamwork Skills

Participants can expect to improve their teamwork skills during Six Sigma certification courses.

Instructors show participants how to build trust within a team, support individual team members’ strengths and handle conflict when it arises.

Successful Projects

You learn about several tools that can help you increase the probability of project success during online Six Sigma training courses. These include the SIPOC diagram and the Gantt chart.

These tools can help you focus your efforts on the customer’s most important requirements.

You can use them to design more efficient processes and make it easier for employees to perform their jobs. Participants in Six Sigma certification courses also learn several essential concepts, including process capability and control charts, which provide real-time data.

Leadership Skills

Finally, your Six Sigma online certification training covers several leadership skills you can use within your organization. From communicating project benefits to coaching employees on their roles, these skills can help you be an even more effective leader and make your company successful in the long run.

Participating in this type, of course, can also enhance your ability to improve processes and make your organization more customer-centric.

There are several types of online Six Sigma courses. For example, some offer self-paced courses that you complete on your own time, while others provide instructor-led training sessions that take place over a specific period.

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