What Are the Various Uses of Google Maps?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Today, a large proportion of the population has access to the Internet. This access may be through a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone or even a more affordable feature phone. The cost of data has also become more affordable, making it easier for people to make full use of the services and apps it offers.

It is difficult to find an internet user who has never used Google Maps. The reasons for using it may be different for different people as this app has a wide variety of services to offer. It is not likely that any user has explored each and every service offered by it. Some of the several useful services of Google Maps are detailed below:

Find a Location, Directions and ETA

When you need to travel to a new place and are not aware of its exact location, Google can help you find it for you. It will also show you the different routes that you can take to get there and the approximate time that you would take to reach the destination if you start at a given time. You can even use Google Maps to guide you to the desired location using different modes of public and private transport. 

Find and Share Your Location

In case you are not sure of where you are, you can rely on Google Maps to show you the exact location as well as the landmarks nearby. You can also share your location with your friends and family to let them know where they can find you. If you are on the move, sharing a live location can help you and your friends keep track of each other. It helps to know easily when someone needs help from others.

Traffic Information

As you make your way to the destination, you can use the navigation feature of Google Maps to guide you through the best route. With its constantly updated traffic information, you are guided to take an alternate route in case of heavy congestion that may have occurred on the previously selected route. It makes your travel easier through this service. 

Know Your Surroundings

When in a new place, you can get the details of what facilities can be found around you. You can check Google Maps for different services such as schools, banks, hospitals, petrol pumps, dining facilities etc. These are very useful in case of an emergency. It also proves useful when you are exploring a particular locality for the relocation of your home or business venture.

Use Indoor Maps

This facility is available only for venues that have shared their maps with Google. It is interesting to use when you are in a huge complex such as a mall, an airport, a hospital or an entertainment area. If Google Maps for these locations is available, it becomes very easy for you to navigate yourself through the various aisles and floors of the building. It saves time that could be wasted in looking for a particular store, terminal, or a specific zone.

Save Your Favourites

If you travel between two locations frequently, such as commuting between your home and office, you can save these locations for easy access. You have ready information about the traffic on that route. With its satellite and map view options, you can choose the one that you feel more comfortable with. 

Though Google Maps is primarily used as a navigation tool, with its various features, it is an assistant, a security guard, a tourist guide, and so much more. And, it is safe to assume that the app will keep adding new features to make it more user-friendly. 


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