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What Are The Maize Silage Benefits?

It’s a difficult decision to pick the best fertilizer for a pasture program. Farmers must also understand how the supplement suits their entire farm system, as well as matching feed price and the composition of nutrients with animal nutritional needs and future financial benefits.

While maize silage has an excellent nutritional profile and can be cultivated or bought at a cost-effective price, it is more than just an additional feed. Since maize cutting machine give good silage, growing and feeding provides unparalleled farms and environmental advantages.

Such comprise:

More sunshine per hectare

• Maize produces high yields in drymatics which enable farmers to improve the overall amount of food from high-cost milk production.

• For maize silage crops of 18-26 tDM / ha for 14.5 to 21.0 cents / kgDM most farmers are permitted to grow.

Watering less nitrogen

  • The excess nitrogen excreted in the urine when a cow is fed more protein than it needs.
  • The nitrogen concentration in urine patch (1000 kgN / ha), which results in nitrate liquidation, is greater than the plant intake per year (300-700 kgN / ha / year).
  • Ryegrass-clover pasture also contains more nitrogen than cows can use (or crude protein).
  • Feeding low-nitrogen maize silage along with grazing dilutes the amount of dietary protein, reducing, in effect, the nitrogen excreted in the urine.
  • More cuts can be made if maize silage is supplied with a stand-off pad, which helps cows to hold pasture off during weathered months.

More grazing of pasture

  • The maize is a break in the cycle of development of pastures.
  • Cropping takes away a daily feed supply for plant pests like Black Beetle, Argentina’s Stalk Weevil and the weeds. It delays the breeding process of seedlings and decreases insect pressure during pasture regeneration.
  • Maize silage in the paddock is fed to more pastures. The feeding rate of maize silage can be adjusted to prevent grazing below or above, thus optimizing weed growth rates.
  • Feeding maize silage into a stand-off pad eliminates overgrazing and packing, which improves grazing.

Cow safety improved

Low protein, high carbohydrate silage maize is a good alternative to low-carbohydrate , high protein wheat.

Maize silage, because it comprises a grain and fibre-mix, is safe to eat because of its maize content.

Maize silage can be used for improving animal growth levels, for having cows conditioned or for increasing milk production.

High-producing cows have a high energy demand and high energy quality feeds must also be fed (kgDM). 

A focus is a high energy feedingstuff. It includes highly digestible components including starches, sugars, other carbohydrates , and fats or oils which are simple to use. Concentrate, i.e. ground, kibbled or pelleted, are typically manufactured and have very little physically effective fiber. Concentrate produces less substitutes than drillings (e.g. fresh crops, silages and hay), and can complement the diet with extra energy and other substances. 

The quality of pasture is different over the season and diets based on pasture may be energy and/or protein deficient at time of year. The basic diet composition is the best concentrate feeding choice. 

Concentrate has different energy sources. Some feeds provide buy weed online nutrition through sugar (e.g. molasses), or through fiber and fat (e.g. PKE). The key source of maize grain strength is starch. The composition of the nutrient in feeds determines the digestion and the levels of the milk components of the end products of digestion. 


While stomach and sugar produce high density energy, a negative animal health effect called acidosis can be caused by feeding. Acidosis occurs as the rumen microbes turn large amounts of acid into high levels of sugar or starch. As a result, rumin pH is rapidly decreased and rumen digestion is adversely affected. 

Although the quantity of starch or sugar is important, acidosis risk often depends on how quick and comprehensive starch digestion is. Maize starch is less harmful than many other forms of starch because it is more slowly and less regularly digested in the rumen. For the good maize you can opt cattle feed manufacturer.

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Proud organizer. Food nerd. Extreme thinker. Evil alcohol expert. Falls down a lot. Freelance music buff. Explorer.

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