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Ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

What we eat and how much we eat does matter to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consuming nutritious foods plays an important role in helping you keep your body healthy. Moreover spending most of the time in physical activity and eating healthy foods can help in maintaining weight.

Nowadays people are massively gaining weight and this is not a good sign of living healthy life. And we all are aware that this is the result of consuming junk foods.

It’s understood that people are drawn towards junk foods because of their busy schedule. But that doesn’t mean you avoid eating healthy foods.

If you don’t have time prepared food at home, you can try consuming the following foods to maintain your health.

Fruits and vegetables   

We all know that fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. But still, we are consuming less of these and we are more into eating packed foods. If you are too busy in a day you can carry fruits in your bag. You can even carry chopped or peeled fruits in the handy jar to eat it anytime when you are free.

When choosing fruits you can select apple, oranges and bananas. So when you chop the apple for your lunch, it will turn brown till lunchtime. To prevent it from browning you can soak apples slice in saltwater. Mix half spoon of salt in water and soak it for 3-5 minutes. And the apple slices are ready to be packed for lunch.

Eat whole-grain foods

Make a habit of eating whole-grain foods instead of refine-grain foods. Whole-grain foods are much healthier and nutritious than refine-grain foods. So if you are consuming refine-foods, it’s better to switch to whole-grain foods.

Example of whole-grain foods are whole wheat, brown rice, bulgur, buckwheat, oatmeal, quinoa, and wild rice.

To be honest, oatmeal is the best breakfast that one can consume. Oatmeal keeps your stomach full and stops you from carving for unhealthy foods. So if you have to run for the work early morning then eat bowl of oats. You can even add nuts and fruits to your bowl of oats to give extra nutrition to your body.

Choose varieties of protein foods

Protein is very necessary for your body to grow, cell to repair and to help your body to function properly. Protein is found in varieties of foods and it is important to take enough protein in your diet every day.

To give enough protein to your body, you need to consume food from plants and animal sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seeds, beans, nuts etc.

If you are a meat-eater, consuming meat once-twice a day is enough. And if you are vegan then including beans and fruits in your diet can give the required protein to your body.

Consume seafood

Seafood is a good source of protein, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Actually, omega-3 fatty acids can improve vision, brain function and heart health. Eating fish is good for the health of kids, adult and youngster.

If you are adult you need to consume at least eight ounces of seafood a week. And you can give a small amount of fish to kids. Seafood that you need to consume is salmon, tuna, crabs and mussels.

You might not have time to consume seafood for lunch so it is better to consume seafood for dinner. After finishing your work-schedule you will have time to prepare seafood and they are best for dinner. It’s better to make seafood at home than ordering it from a restaurant.

Drink a lot of water

Water is very essential for your body to function properly. Especially in summer, water is important to keep your body cool. If your work demands to stay in the field all day, your bag pack need to have a bottle of water.

Moreover, water can help you to avoid drinking soda, energy drinks and sports drinks which is a source of sugar and calories. If you don’t like drinking plain water you can add a slice of lemon, apple or fresh herbs to give flavor.

Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle

• Mix vegetables in your go-to dishes. You can pack a salad for your lunch. Salad has many veggies so eating salad can give your body a good amount of vitamins and minerals to your body.

• Fruit is another source of vitamins and minerals so try carrying any type of fruit in your bag.

•  Prepare a weekly plan so that you don’t have to stress on preparing a meal every day. But make sure to include fruit in your plan.

• Use herbs and spices while cooking. You may prefer to use spices like turmeric, black pepper, and garlic in your dishes.

•  Drink plenty of water. Carry water in your bag every day so that whenever you are thirsty you can drink water instead of soda.

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