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Ways To Keep Your DANISH IPTV Growing

As of today, Danish IPTV has experienced exponential growth, largely due to its ability to provide access to popular TV channels which are not currently available in the U.S. However, this growth has also included new challenges due to the channel providers’ recent response of cracking down on IPTV services worldwide. By avoiding these pitfalls and following certain steps below, Danish IPTV will be able to continue growing as a legitimate online streaming service for those who wish to bypass geographical restrictions placed by various channels. 

Create a through-line with your customer service team so that if someone has an issue with the service they have no difficulty reaching out. Provide a dedicated email address for customer service and make sure all staff is aware of it. 

Make sure customer service can always access old registration information and make it available to them as needed. 

Have your programming team create a list of all channels recently added or removed, and provide this information to your customer service staff as well as the email address provided above. 

Have your programming team send out password reset emails to those who registered an account with their email address, even if they were inactive for over 30 days. This will help ensure that those who want access to these channels do not miss out on their opportunity due to a forgotten password. 

In the event that a channel becomes unavailable due to its provider shutting down the service, have a dedicated email address for your programming team where customers can reach out. Provide a 24-hour response time for this email so customers cannot experience a long wait in having their issue resolved. 

Make sure your programming team is fully trained on what affiliate channels are and how they work, as well as how they affect geographic restrictions. It is important that they know which channels fall into this category and updates the system accordingly, including sending out password resets to all subscribers who registered on an affiliate channel. 

Make sure your programming team is fully trained on how to search and add new channels. They should be able to work with the help of your customer service team in figuring out which new channels would be beneficial to add to the service. 

Make sure customer service and programming teams are fully trained on which channels require a subscription such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, PlayStation Vue, Xfinity, etc. They should then be able to explain to customers that these are services they need to pay for in order to access the content. 

Have your programming team create a list of all channels available on Danish IPTV and send it out to the email addresses above. This will help prevent people from being left in the dark about which channels are currently available. 

Add a pop-up message on all channels which require a subscription, notifying users that they need to pay for streaming services through another organization. This will help reduce customer support tickets by letting them know they must go somewhere else for service. 

Keep an updated FAQ section on the website where users can access this information as needed. Include information such as what channel providers can and cannot access and why. 

When implemented, clear guidelines should be provided to your customer service team so they know the best way to handle any situations which may arise. Include information such as how long they should wait to send out a password reset email if the customer has not logged in for over 30 days. 

Ensure that your programming team and customer service team can keep up with data changes and possible new channels that would allow for growth. This will allow them to assess whether or not new channels should be added to the service or if it would be better for them to look into other options.

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