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Want To Know More About gclub? Read This Article To Find Out!

In this article, we will talk about the prominent features the website has. Along with that, the article also discusses different slot games the website has. 

What are the prominent features of the famous casino website called gclub?

  • Royal Online

One of the prominent features of the website is the Royal online application. Royal Online application is for those gamblers who like to gamble through an application. This application is available in android and IOS. The application can also be installed on the gambler’s desktop. Royal online is known for providing services related to casinos directly from gclub. The format of providing these services is through real-time live broadcasting systems. The application is famous among gamblers as it is able to provide a good picture quality and dynamic sound system. These features are able to provide a good gaming experience to the gamblers. Baccarat, Dragon tiger, Fantan are the few games provided by the application. There is another version of this application called as royal online v2 application. Both these are very reliable as they have the same providers as gclub. Therefore, the player does not have to worry about the money getting stolen. For downloading the application on IOS, the user has to open itunes store and install it from there. The user can install the app on android using play store.

  • Dynamic UI

The user interface of the website is made for easy usage. Once the player opens the website’s main page, he will notice all the available features on the top right corner. Along with that, if the user wants to register, he can directly do that from the main page itself. The links for doing so are easily available at the bottom of the page. If the user is facing problems in accessing the features, then he can contact the website through the line app. For scanning the QR code of the line app, the user has to search for the frame provided by the website at the end of the page. To sum it all, the website satisfies every need of the player with it’s hassle free and easy UI.

  • Baccarat and baccarat formula

One of the prime features of the website is baccarat. The website is well known for hosting baccarat. Along with that, the website also provides the baccarat formula. This baccarat formula is made specially for the baccarat hosted on gclub. Baccarat formulas are made to make the game easy. On this website, there are two option for accessing this formula. One is by paying some money and other is just by registering on the website. The paid version of the formula is created by real professional gamblers who have a good experience, the formula is also tried and tested before. So, there is an 80%-90% chance of the formula working. The free version of the formula is calculated using the AI created by the website.

  • Blogs/Articles

Gclub is known to fulfil user’s every need. One of them is to provide information about the current happenings in the world of gambling. The website has a section called ‘articles’, in this section there is every information about different games. The user does not have to search for it anywhere and will readily find everything on the main website page.

  • Promotions

The website also has a promotions page. On this page every update about the promotions happening on the website are displayed. There are different promotional activities happening every month on gclub. For availing these opportunities, the user has to first register on the website and become a member. There are also cash prizes and giveaways. The user can use these as capital to gamble.

  • An exclusive entry to gclub

This feature can be used for having an exclusive entry in the gclub casinos. The feature lets the user to play with professional service providers. The feature also gives the user an access to all services provided by gclub. The link of this feature is updated every day. The website also has an option of gclub platinum. In gclub platinum, the user can create private rooms. These private rooms can be used by the player to gamble with his friends. The access to this room is given only to those people who receive the invite. Those who avail these opportunities can play various games. Some of these games are baccarat, Fantan, online slots. All these games have a dynamic sound and animation effects which uplift the user’s gaming experience.

What are different online slots available on gclub?

  • Bonus house

Bonus house is one of the online slots provided by the website. There are 20 compiled formats for the player to choose from. Bonus house can give a user a very high-quality gaming experience. Some of the finest games are 5PK, three kingdoms, fruit planets, 12 balls, saiyou, ninjas, fortune cats, horse racing, bars, wild animals. Some other games in this section are Qi Tian, Gold, Vikings, Lucky diamond game, French roulette, sic Bo, jackpot, fish crab gourds, PARTY88, Husa.

  • Royal hall

Royal hall is a three-dimensional slot game. The system is known for providing a realistic gaming experience. Known for the perfect picture and a good sound quality, there are a plethora of games for the user to choose from. Some of them are Tai fortune, Golden Chicken, Royal 777, Come hard, Love city, Alibaba, 5 Dragons, Wild panda, mermaids, Phai, Mor crazy, Popeye, Thai lucky, Lucky dragon, HUCA, 72 Supernatural, captain hook. Along with that, there are a few jackpots that the player can win from.

  • Slot Zone

Slot zone is also called as slot hall. The slot hall gas popular online slots. These slots conduct frequent prize money give aways. The slot zone is an easy game to play. The winning rate is up to 50 lines. There are free games up to 20 Times in the zone. The members of the website highly appreciate some games and a few of them are boxing, goldfish, panda, sawadee ka and parvenu tiger.

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