Upskilling: Reinvent Your Skills to Fast Track Your Career for the Future

Covid-19: a pathway to embrace new skillsets!

Besides job losses and furloughs, the pandemic outbreak is reshaping society at multiple levels. Nobody can predict the speed at which the crisis is rising. However, as business leaders speak, this period could be an ideal path for job seekers to learn new skills once the COVID-19 guidelines are lifted. 

Despite the current situation, we’ve seen technology growing at a lightning speed, thus, creating a more challenging situation across the business landscape not even sparing HR careers. AI, machine learning, robotics, IoT, and data science are technologies that have been integrated into every part of our daily lives. 

Yet, we’re still digitally handicapped. 

The first and foremost need for organizations to do is to start implementing these technologies in an attempt to fast-track their digital initiatives. 

Do we even have a sure shot plan? 

Will a digitally agile workforce do the trick? 

Let’s all hope it does. 

A survey by McKinsey Global Institute predicted about 375 million workers will need reskilling globally by 2030. That’s just a decade away. We’re still digitally naïve, how do we propose to reach that level?

Well, as we hop into a new digital wave, reskilling and upskilling are the only relevant options for the current workforce to remain updated with the latest industry trends. Fresh grads, working professionals, and mid-level managers, all are looking for better career opportunities as the skills they learned in colleges have now become redundant.

Grasp the opportunity

Now that we have realized, upskilling and reskilling are the key roots to enter the realm of becoming digitally transformed. 

To emerge from the current crisis, organizations must start investing in bringing the right talent to the table. Taking online training programs or online hr certifications can help organizations build a strong foundation for a strong workforce to lead the company to its targeted goal. 

Emerging technologies like AI, robotics, machine learning, data science, and IoT now needs a strong and robust workforce to lead the organization. 

It is always important to revisit and check whether the old skillsets still hold the same value in the job market or have they changed. For employers looking to hire talent, they need to ensure they have the lists of the skills sorted – the right technical and soft skills the industry is looking to hire. 

With the below-mentioned skills, you can easily compare and revisit these skills occasionally. 

  • Independent learning – the easiest way professionals are reskilling is through online certifications, free courses, and MOOCs. Some of the renowned certification programs found online include credible names like the Talent Management Institute (TMI) ideal for HR and talent management certifications. IBM for big data engineers, Coursera, and UpGrad likewise. 
  • Organizational learning – as a working professional it is always recommended to visit your peers and take advice about new learning approaches. For instance, if someone is looking to move forward from core technology research into product development for Cloud Business, NetApp offers them the resources and flexibility to get along the self-paced learning process. 

However, if we’re to compare the learning approaches for the Gen Zs, personalization is important around this younger group of generation. Gamification could be an ideal learning approach for this generation corresponding to fruitful results, having an engaged workforce, and making the learning program interactive. 

Ballooning new organizational culture

By 2021, 70 percent of the organizations will have AI assist the employee productivity, says Gartner. 

As a result, the need for skilled workers in the technology field and talent management is likely to burgeon. 

For a greater perspective and approach, employers must encourage the existing workforce to seek newer learning opportunities. 

According to McKinsey, the survey says that data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to find valuable customers, six times to retain customers, and ten times such companies will stay profitable. For most organizations, talent remains to be crucial, thus, businesses must now boost their workforce capability to transform themselves into data-driven organizations. 

Don’t you agree to the fact that the current trends have been a stepping stone in accelerating the need for newer technology skills making us digital natives? 

Undoubtedly the pandemic crisis now allows us to adopt the digital approaches to recreate the best of in-person learning via social sharing or perhaps video. 

With the recent advancements in technologies, organizations must now act quickly on developing critical workforce capability keeping the workers in sync with the current industry trends. 

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