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To improve your online privacy, start using a double VPN. You can find a complete guide to VPNs on this page, including how they work and how they protect your network.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network or VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network that encrypts data and sends it from one location on the Internet to another. Connecting to the internet with a double VPN gives you access to completely anonymous and secure websites and gives you access to restricted websites and bypass censorship blocks.

How does a VPN service work?

When you activate a VPN service and access the Internet, you connect to one of the VPN provider’s servers and assign an IP address (a unique set of numbers that identifies your device) to that server. In this way, the IP address of the VPN provider is used instead of the IP address of the computer.

The Internet connection between the device and the VPN server it is connected to is also encrypted (Encryption is the process of converting data into an encrypted code to prevent unauthorized access).

Hiding your IP address in this way gives you private access to the Internet while preventing anyone from tracking your online movements. 

Why use a VPN service?

A VPN not only protects your browsing with encrypted connections but also gives you more freedom to access the internet and gives you global location options. With this combination of security and location switching capabilities, VPNs can offer many advantages, including:

Stream Anywhere: VPN allows you to view almost anywhere in the world where your service provider has a server. So select your country from the list of servers so that it never leaves you.

VPN blocked website access:  double VPN allows you to bypass any type of access block even if you are in an environment that restricts access to certain websites. The connection is encrypted before it crosses the border, creating a tunnel exiting the other side. By the VPN provider’s server, you can use a VPN to view blocked websites even if you are in a restricted access environment.

Avoid censorship – With a VPN, you can avoid censorship simply by choosing a server in a country that protects internet freedom.

Avoid being tracked by your ISP- You can use a VPN to prevent your ISP from tracking your online transactions. A VPN protects you from this kind of privacy breach by encrypting your internet connection so that only you can see what you’re doing online. Your ISP can not monitor, track, store or sell your online transactions to others. 

Prevent price discrimination – Using a double VPN eliminates the need to pay high prices based on location. For example, suppose you just finished streaming this season of your favorite series for free. But when the new season comes, the same provider may decide to ship for a fee. The provider knows what you’re watching, knows you like the series, and may decide to stream only for a fee. With a VPN, your service provider would not be able to see your activities online, and hence he has no information to sell.


VPN technology was originally used to give employees access to company files and folders and work remotely when they were away from headquarters. This allows you a secure and encrypted internet connection while accessing sensitive documents. 

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