Top Three Reasons Longines Watches is Cooler than Other Watches

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If you’re new here, Longines is a high-end or Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded by Auguste Agassiz in the year 1832. This legendary watch brand started its journey in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, the home of the most luxurious watch brands in the past and today.

If you’re wondering why Longines is still one of the best Swiss luxury watch brand manufacturers and designers right now, and that’s because of their undying perseverance to achieve greatness on their watches. Longines has many watches such as Classic, Elegance, Sport, Traditional, and Heritage luxury watches.

Despite not hitting the top rank, Longines continued to provide the most precise and luxurious timepieces in the world. In this article, you’ll be learning about some facts about Longines, which makes the brand more relaxed compared to other luxury watch brands out there.

Longines’s Luxury Watches Is Way Cheaper Compared To Other Brands

If you haven’t noticed, most of the price of Longines watches only ranges between $3,000-$4,000. If you compare these watches to other brands, you’ll be in shock since other brands are way more expensive. Besides being cheaper, Longines luxury watches aren’t subpar. They design their watches with all their hearts, which you can also tell.

To prove that Longines luxury watches are way cheaper compared to other brands out there. Here’s the Longines Primaluna; this luxury watch of Longines will cost you no more than $18,000, which is pretty expensive for an average individual; however, wait until you check the price of the most expensive Patek Philippe luxury watch.

In continuation, everyone already knows that Patek Phillipe is not your typical Swiss luxury timepiece, and that’s because of its unbelievable prices. Just to sight an example, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime was sold in an auction for $31 million. Can you believe that? Now compare the price of Longines most expensive watch to Patek Philippe’s.

Longines Manufactures The Best Swiss-made Automatic and Mechanical Watches

In general, there are three types of watch movements, whether it’s a vintage, classic, sport, or luxury watch. The three movements: Automatic movement, which takes its life from kinetic energy. Mechanical movement, which requires a manual winding from the wearer. Lastly, the Quartz movement, which is the usual battery-type watch that you often see.

With that, Longines dedicates itself to create the best and most reliable Mechanical and Automatic movement watches in the world. You can check some reviews and feedback from Longines luxury watches owners to prove that Longines is definitely valid for their words.

One example of the most expensive Longines watches is the Longines Weems Second-Setting Watch, which costs around $18,000 to $19,000. This stunning-looking expensive wristwatch belongs to the Heritage or Vintage Longines Watches collection, an Automatic movement that uses an L699 caliber. This spectacular masterpiece is just a thing of beauty.

Longines Master Collection Is Just Simply Amazing

Here you’ll find a design queue that you’ve never seen before from other watch brands. Longines Master Collection watches offer a unique design and aesthetics, especially on their dials. One clear example of their exceptional dial is the Longines Master L2.739.4.71. This watch comes with a sun and moon indicator logo, which provides a date and hour.

You rarely see this kind of design from other brands. In fact, only Longines offers this style of feature. You’ll also find that most of the Master Collection offers four retrograde functions such as seconds, day, date, and a 24-hour second time-zone.

Despite these features, Longines Master Collection kept its price at bay. With a price ranging from $3,000 to $5,000, these iconic timepieces of Longines are more than worth it, especially for the ordinary people out there.

How Good Are Longines Watches?

Longines watches aren’t good; they’re great and excellent watches, to be precise. Longines has long years of experience making incredible pieces of luxury watches, as you might already know. No matter how good a particular thing is, some people would hate it, and that’s the same with Longines watches.

With that being said, despite not being loved by many, Longines watches still provide exceptional luxury watch collections such as their Heritage, Master, Classic, and Elegance collection. You can’t deny that the technology beneath each of their luxury watches is just out of this world.


Usually, people disregard a particular thing if it’s not highly marketed, which goes the same with Longines watches. If you search for the watch brand ranking, Longines is far from the top, but that doesn’t mean that Longines isn’t a good watch. To be honest, Longine offers more features and style compared to other luxury watch brands out there.

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