Top therapy methods that can be used in a drug addiction treatment center

drug addiction

If you are abusing substances, whether it be heroin, opioids, or cocaine, you may find that going to a drug addiction treatment center is the best way that you can get clean and reintegrate into society. The first step of getting clean is to admit you have a problem – by doing the research to find a treatment facility in your local area, you are making the smart first step to getting your life back on track. 

But what can you expect when you check yourself into a drug addiction treatment center? There are various kinds of treatment centers that you can choose to help you kick your addiction. Some centers may be more focused on holistic therapy methods, whereas others are specially equipped to handle medication-assisted detox.

By doing some research beforehand and choosing the best rehabilitation facility for your needs, you can increase the chances that you will get clean, stay sober, and start enjoying life once more! Let’s see a few of the most common therapy methods that you may find when you are searching for the subset drug addiction treatment center.

Top therapy methods at a drug addiction therapy center 

Adventure courses

One of the best therapy methods that you may find at a drug addiction treatment center is an adventure course! Adventure courses are a great way for you to face your fears, realize that you are strong, and stop listening to that voice in your head that is doubting your abilities all the time. Not to mention, you can use these adventure courses to focus on team building and trusting others – you are putting your faith in the hands of someone else, leading you to start building meaningful relationships in your life again.

Ice skating

Even though ice skating can seem intimidating and maybe something you’ve never done before, this fun therapy method is a great way for you to face your fears, be active, and do something that you may have never tried! 


Hiking is a great therapy modality that helps you get outside in nature, put yourself in a new environment, and forget the hustle and bustle of daily life. Living in a city or in the urban jungle can be intimidating and tiring – seeing the monotonous routine of people going to and from work every day can be draining mentally on your psyche. Instead, by being active, reconnecting with nature, and slowing down a little bit, you can see life from a different perspective. 

Stand-up paddleboard

The last therapy method that you can use at a drug addiction therapy center is stand-up paddleboarding. This fun and exciting exercise modality is a great way to go out on open water, do a little bit of exercise, get some sunshine on your face, and enjoy a new activity.


By trying new activities and doing some exercise that you may have never thought to do in your life, you can open your eyes to new experiences and get a fresh perspective on life! Use these unique therapies when you are seeking the best drug addiction recovery center to help you get clean and stay sober throughout your life.


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