Top Smartphone Processors for Best Performance

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. Without a smartphone, life almost seems non-existent. Concerning that smartphones are of great use to us in many different ways, it is essential to have the best performance rate and that is only made possible with some ultra-supportive processors. 

From playing the heavy-graphics game, animated background, or simplifying swiping the main menu requires a good processor for smooth performance. That being said, the performance of the phone also depends on the working of the framework and the main frequency of the CPU. 

On the other hand, the Performance of gaming depends on the GPU. That gives you the idea that the processor is the most important part of a smartphone’s functionality. Without it, a smartphone is non-functioning. 

If you are looking forward to getting a new smartphone, then it is advisable that you first take a look at all the smartphone processors and what it offers based on your requirements. Read more to find out!

Things to Consider Before You Start…

Before you start to check out the list of processors, it is essential to know about Centurion Mark first. It is a significant mark that depicts the overall performance of the processor. You can also refer to experts who deal with a mobile repair, for more details on it. 

The mark makes a judgment on how well the smartphone performs. For instance, overheating, or frequent lags by extensive usage, etc. 

Here are some factors that are used for calculating Centurion Mark:

  • User Experience 
  • Raw CPU Performance
  • Features & Technologies
  • Raw GPU Performance
  • Real-World Performance ( Borwisnh, Gaming, Social Media, etc). 

List of Top Smartphone Processors

The list of Smartphone processors can be almost uncountable. But to have the right details of them is what matters when you have a knack for performance. Here’s a list of them based on their ranking. 

Processors (120-150 Centurion Mark)

Here’s a list of processors and their Centurion mark:

  • Apple A13 Bionic (CM: 152), Snapdragon 865 (CM: 150*), Exynos 990 (CM: 148*), MediaTek Dimensity (CM: 147*), Apple A12 Bionic (CM: 146). 
  • Snapdragon 855+ (CM: 145), Snapdragon (CM: 144), Kirin 990 5G (CM: 144), Kirin 990 4G (CM: 143*), Exynos 9825 (CM: 142), Exynos 9820 (CM: 140). 
  • MediaTek Dimensity 1000L (CM: 138*), Kirin 980 (CM: 137), Exynos 980 (CM: 135*), Snapdragon 765G (CM: 134*), Snapdragon 765 (CM:133*). 
  • Apple A11 Bionic (CM: 130), Snapdragon 845 (CM: 125), Exynos 9810 (CM: 125), Snapdragon 730G (CM:124), Kirin 810 (CM: 124), Snapdragon 730 (CM: 123), Kirin 970 (CM: 121). 

Processors (90-120 Centurion Mark)

Here’s a list of processors within the range of 90 to 120 marks:

  • Apple A10 Fusion (CM: 118), Heilo G90 (CM: 118), Snapdragon 835 (CM: 117), Exynos 8895 (CM: 114), Snapdragon 712 (CM: 114),  Snapdragon 710 (CM: 113), Snapdragon 675 (CM: 112).
  • Hielo P90 (CM: 110), Helio X30 (CM: 109), Snapdragon 821 (CM: 108), Snapdragon 820 (CM: 107), Exynos 8890 (CM: 106). 
  • Helio G70 (CM: 105). Kirin 960 (CM: 103), Heilo P65 (CM:102),  Exynos 9609 (CM: 101), Helio P70 (99). 
  • Snapdragon 460(CM: 99*), Kirin 710 (CM: 98), Exynos 7904(CM: 96), Snapdragon 632 (CM: 92), Exynos 7884 (CM: 92). 

Processors (Below 50 Centurion Mark)

Here is a list of processors having Centurian marks below 50:

  • Snapdragon 427 (CM: 50), Snapdragon 425 (CM: 49), MT6738 (CM: 49), MT6753 (CM: 49), MT6752 (CM: 48). 
  • MT6750 (CM: 48), Snapdragon 415 (CM: 47), Kirin 620 (CM: 47), Snapdragon 412 (CM: 46), MT6737T (CM:46). 
  • Snapdragon 410 (CM: 45), MT6737 (CM: 45), MT6735 (CM: 42), MT6732 (CM: 41). 

To make the data clear, some of these processors have a Centurion mark that consists of (*) which implies that those processors have been estimated on the basis of specifications. This also means that those processors have changed due to the testing of previous generation processors. 

How to Use the Previous Data Mentioned Above?

Now, that you’ve gone through the list of top processors based on their Centurion mark, you may be confused about how to decipher them to your best knowledge. 

Here’s a brief overview of that: 

Processors With 120+ Centurion Mark

The list of processors that have a 120 and above Centurion Mark are the processors that deliver superior performance. Be it gaming, or the use of any other heavy application. If you are going to use the smartphone for heavy work, such as gaming or high-end software then it is advisable to choose a phone that has these processors. 

Processors With 90 to 120 Centurion Mark

The processors ranking a Centurion mark within 90 to 120 are termed as good processors. These processors within this range can provide a good performance rate, be it games or any other application. If you are looking for an affordable smartphone with relatively good performance (CPU/GPU) then you can choose any phone having processors from this list. 

Processors Below 50 Centurion Mark 

This range of processors is considered poor and you may need to take it to Mobile repair soon.  In short, these processors do not provide proper performance in smartphones. If you are not looking for a temporary phone for a singular purpose like calling or message, then it will be suggestive to avoid buying smartphones having these processors. Otherwise, for cheap and temporary use, you can choose them, at your will. 

Smartphone Processors Based on Different Performance

Here is a detailed passage on processors based on their different types of performance:

Best CPU Performance

If you are looking for the best CPU performance smartphone then look out for Apple A13 Bionic, Snapdragon 865, Kirin 990, and Exynos 990 processors. These processors are similar to each other in terms of the Multi-Core Test. 

Best GPU Performance

To get the best GPU performance in a smartphone, check out processors like Apple A13 Bionic, Kirin 990, Snapdragon 865, and Exynos 990. However, Apple A13 Bionic dominates the list. 

Final Words!

When you are looking forward to buying a new smartphone or going for Mobile repair, always be wary of the Centurion Mark Score as it indicates the overall internal performance of the phone. So, without further adieu, get the best processor smartphone today!

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