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Top Jaipur Prime Locations to invest your Money for Residential Apartments

The city of Jaipur always is associated with wealth, and the investors continue to incline to invest in top locations in Jaipur. The strategic location of the fast-paced lifestyle attracts all those looking for better growth and work opportunities. 

Apart from being a well-planned city, Jaipur is now brimming with exceptional locations along with numerous facilities. 

Many residential Properties in Jaipur are located in prime locations, such as the Patrakar Colony, Jagatpura, Tonk Road, Ajmer Road, and Sirsi road. According to industry experts, the prices of these areas are estimated to grow at a considerable rate of 15 to 20 percent per year.

Let’s talk further about the locations to invest in Jaipur and what makes Jaipur an ideal choice.

 Factors propelling the growth of Jaipur residential market

Jaipur is the financial capital of Rajasthan. The spirit of real estate was dampened due to COVID-19, but now the real estate market will gain momentum in the next quarter of 2020. 

The culture-rich tourism, better lifestyle, and a pollution-free living act as a magnet to the state and nation alike. In addition to it, the presence of the DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor.) will boost employment and businesses that will, in turn, give rise to housing needs as well.

Furthermore, suppose we take a look at the education sector. In that case, the city’s education level will grow in the upcoming years as the city is turning into an education hub.

A high level of literacy and proper education will also give rise to employment in the city. The companies shifting to Jaipur will demand a skilled workforce, and Jaipur is ready for it!

Without much ado, here is the real deal.

The Top four Locations to invest in Jaipur

Taking a look at all the segments of people in Jaipur, it is now essential to come up with the kind of properties which offer them excellent living facilities and thus offer posh areas in Jaipur. Therefore, it is also crucial to find a location which compliments their living standards

1. Ajmer Road: 

Ajmer road is the next best location to invest in Jaipur and has become a significant attraction for the city and state people!

With a six-lane Jaipur Ajmer expressway, the connectivity will get a significant boost, and the export and industrial sector will also witness a rise. This connectivity will also make the intercity commute easier.

Furthermore, the special economic zone spread across 3000 acres of land makes Ajmer Road an ideal investment location in Jaipur. With big brands like Wipro, Genpact, Infosys, ICICI, and Deutsche bank, the SEZ harbours many working professionals who are looking for better housing facilities in the vicinity.

The presence of all major centres in proximity will promote residential Real estate, which is likely to see immense capital appreciation in the upcoming months.

2. Jagatpura: 

The residential properties in Jagatpura are emerging as the perfect spot for everyone looking forward to owning a home.

If you wish to buy a home close to all the critical areas of the city and comes at a reasonable price, then Jagatpura has the perfect Residential Apartments for investing in Jaipur

The apartments in Jagatpura are still in a less costly segment than the other prime areas of Jaipur. There are plenty of residential units and entertainment choices like multiplexes and showrooms for the dwellers. Moreover, there are locations like RTO, Jaipur national university and hospitals close to the residential areas.

In addition to it, the investors or buyers can choose from a variety of residential apartments in all the price brackets.

3. Tonk Road:

In the last few years, the prices of property will rise, especially in areas like Tonk Road, which is among the fastest developing places of Jaipur. According to the real estate residential market experts, the prices of properties have increased by 33%.

Moreover, Tonk Road includes major hotels and restaurants, many renowned schools, and healthcare centres in the vicinity. This gives the residents enough reasons to enjoy the location perks of living in one of the posh areas in Jaipur.

To cater to people’s needs, the residential properties of Tonk Road are coming up at a pocket-friendly price. Along with amenities like clubhouse, swimming pools, gyms, and other facilities, people of Jaipur are turning towards Tonk Road in search of their dream home.

4. Mansarovar: 

Until recently, Mansarovar was the largest colony of Asia, and the location of Mansarovar holds a special place of importance in the heart of people.

The location of this well-developed township has the largest market in the city where it is easy to find everything you need. Thus, it has been an attraction for all the major real estate developers who aim to provide amenity-rich Flats in Mansarovar and a perfect location for investment in Jaipur.

With excellent connectivity and proximity to the city’s key centres, Mansarovar has everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle.

Overall it may be said,

For anyone thinking of investing or is looking for a suitable location to invest in Jaipur, this is the best time to do so! 

With many government opportunities and many companies coming up with many offers, you can get major benefits from property investments.

There are numerous reasons for investment, the perfect location with all the important places in proximity, extensive commute options, and affordable flats. All these factors make locations like Ajmer Road, Jagatpura, Tonk Road, and Mansarovar an ideal investment area with minimum risk.

So, why wait! Start investing today.

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