Top 6 Surprise Ideas to Thank your Teacher for Everything

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cake 1850011 1920

We all know teachers are the best persons in our lives. From the age of 2 and a half till we reach our late twenties; teachers are always there for us. Be it a doctor, scientist, president, or actor, teachers have been part of everyone’s life. They are our mentor counselor, guide, and play many other important parts of our journey. Hence, sometimes we need to make sure that we appreciate them for all that they do for us. Therefore, in today’s write-up, we will be seeing how someone can surprise their teachers and appreciate them for everything they do for us.

From placing an order for cakes online to sending a bouquet of white roses to her; everything can be special for her. But the most special thing for her would be the place where all of it is coming from, that is you.

Make a Video and Share it with her

Don’t you still write nicely or are you still a bit lazy at penning your thoughts down? If yes, then you can surely do one thing, which is making a video of yourself and other friends. In this video, you will be telling how fortunate you are for having such a nice teacher in your life. To make it more special you can also add your friends to it. This will be the most special gift for your teacher and she will love it for sure.

Craft Things Out for her

This one is going to be the best gift for art teachers. Let them know how much you have learned from them in all these years. You can make the sharpie pen science designs for her using the tie-dye technique. With the help of this sharpie pen, you can develop the tie-dye patterns on the pillows, t-shirts, aprons, or something else.

Birthday Surprise

Our teachers since we were young have been celebrating our birthdays along with us by singing the birthday song for us. She makes sure that we should feel special on this day in many ways. Then why can’t we also make her feel special on her birthday? Yes, order a birthday cake for her with a sweet message on it and give her some beautiful flowers to thank her for everything. You can along with your friends, throw a small party for her on her birthday. Your teacher will love this surprise and give you a tight hug.

Beaded Secret Message

For this one, you need to buy 2-3 UV colored beads, glue, and a glass-free frame. You can use anything simple such as a section of carton too. To readout or build your message, glue down one color of beads and then glue down the other color to fill in the context. Your message will show up all white and boring. A mysterious message will turn up in the sunlight.

Pen down a Letter

There is always a right time to tell your teacher that you are grateful for whatever she has done for you so far. Also, tell her some of your favorite class memories or anything that she had done to help you become a better person. To transform your letter into a true keepsake, you can get this letter framed from a nearby store.

Gift a Plant Container

There are many online stores or physical florist stores which are selling the best flowers at an affordable rate. You can visit these stores and get your hands on the best flower pots that will surely deck up your room. From cactus to white roses; there are plenty of choices for you to gift.

These were some of the very surreal gift ideas which will make your teacher feel very great about her. You surely need to take out some time and thoughts for realizing that all of us must make sure that our teachers need a round of applause for everything they do. 


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