Top 5 Fundamentals for Successful Car Sticker Marketing

Car Sticker

You may produce the best products or services, but it will be of no use if your potential customers are not aware of it. Every business, be it small or large depends heavily on its advertising ability. 

Most businesses nowadays are using social media as a medium of advertising but this approach is very expensive. You should go for social media marketing, only if you have enough budget. So, what can be an effective replacement for social media marketing? Well, the answer is car sticker marketing. Though old, car sticker marketing is an affordable method of advertising your brand in the market in a faster and broader way.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 fundamentals for car sticker marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and continue your reading.


In this competitive marketplace, where brands are battling hard to draw the attention of more customers, branding can be a key differentiator.

According to Forbes, branding, and advertising goes hand in hand. To advertise your business in an effective way you have to first build a proper brand. Proper branding will help you to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you make your brand stickers creative and unique so that they stand different from the numerous stickers of other brands?

Here is your answer. Include only company name, tagline, and other necessary company assets in your brand stickers. Use readable and attractive fonts and contrasting colors to make your stickers eye-catching.


Content is the heart of sticker marketing. Here you should provide details about your products and services. But this does not mean that you will add all the details of your product. Remember your potential customers may not have enough time to go through your entire sticker unless your car is stuck in traffic for a long time. 

Make the contents of your car stickers optimized. Use short catchy phrases and make sure to use fonts that are readable from a distance.

Contact Details

Some businesses add all their contact details like address, phone number, social media, etc. in their car stickers. But as mentioned in the previous point, your potential customers may not have enough time to read the entire advertisement so there is no point in adding all the contact details. You should try to provide only the relevant details.

Here are some contacts that you must include-

  • Website details.
  • Social Media.
  • Email ID.
  • Phone number.

CTA (Call-To-Action)

Call-To-Action is essential for a successful car sticker marketing campaign. By providing the relevant contact details, your potential customers will have your contacts but not vice versa. You do not have your customers’ contacts yet. So what to do? The solution is Call-to-Action.

You have to provoke them, tell them what to do next. Use a simple Call-to-Action like “Call us now at …”, “Visit us on …” or “Email us at…”  

In this way, when your customers will contact you, you will get their contacts which you can use to start a conversation with them and deepen the relationship, gradually converting them into paying customers.

ROI (Return on Investment)

It is very important to know the origin of the sales. Whether it is an SMS campaign, Email marketing campaign, or your website? 

Among the customers that may contact you, only a few of them will say you how they came to know about you. Others may not.

The best way to measure the ROI of your car sticker marketing campaign is to ask the question, “How you came to know about us?” In this way, you will be able to know how many sales have originated from your car sticker marketing campaigns.


Though old but car sticker marketing is the best and proven offline marketing method that is worth including in your advertising strategy. 


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