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Top 4 Branded Kitchen Knives

To make any recipe, however simple it is, you will need a knife. Cooking always involves previously peeling, cutting, laminating, or chopping food. For this reason, having good ones appears as a necessity. Of course, not all are the same and do not provide the same guarantees of satisfaction.

Buying good ones is an investment because, probably, you will use them daily. Choose those that ensure a good cut in each case and that are also strong, resistant, and easy to handle.

Any great chef values ​​his knives as indispensable tools to correctly carry out his work and, when you discover the benefits of a good game, you will not be able to do without them either.

The material of which the blade is made and with which the handle is made, the precision when cutting, the lightness in use, the resistance there are important nuances that make not all kitchen tools the same. Below we offer you a list that includes the best kitchen knives on the market, those models that offer better value for money to buyers.

  • Arcos Niza – Set of 5 Knives with Dowel and Scissors

This chef knives, which holds five knives plus scissors, is an excellent investment for both beginners and those who are already in the kitchen as a fish in the water and want good work tools.

The blades are made of stainless steel with Nitrum treatment, exclusive to the firm, which guarantees greater durability. The handles, meanwhile, are made of resistant polypropylene that guarantees optimum resistance to continued use.

This knife set is designed to cover any need as it includes: Bread knife, ham, onion, cook (in two socks) everything you may require to peel, cut, or chop.

The cuts are made without any difficulty and are easily cleaned. They are well-balanced work tools to facilitate any task. Its price is more than adjusted and the different pieces correctly fulfill their function.

  • Zwilling TWIN POLLUX – Set of 5 Knives and Scissors

The price goes up a little but this set is undoubtedly one of the best you can buy.

This chef knives consists of five pieces to provide you with any type of cut you need and also includes multipurpose scissors and an elegant wooden bucket so that you have organized and handy these utensils that will become almost essential.

They have a careful stainless-steel blade, cold-hardened with Friodur technology, which guarantees resistance that is difficult to overcome. Sharpened to the maximum, with these blades you can cut almost anything with a single movement and with total cleanliness and precision.

The ergonomic handle and in black with rivets, guarantees a perfect grip and a correct distribution of the entire weight of the knife so that it is as light as it is practical.

Cutting, peeling, chopping, carving food any requirement is covered with this set “for life”.

  • Quttin – Misaki, Vegetable Peeler

We know that not everyone can afford to buy a whole set. Therefore, we show you this vegetable peeler knife. The goal is to buy only the units you need. For example, many games come with a ham holder, but perhaps you don’t need this type.

Therefore, thanks to these units that are sold lose you can buy the ones you need. This, in particular, is for vegetables and has a 13 cm sheet. It is stainless steel and the handle is ergonomic.

  • Deik Kitchen Knives: Set of 5 German Stainless-Steel Knives

The Deik brand knife set is one of the best seats on the market, they are made of stainless steel with high carbon content superior X50Cr15, for better handling and cutting. It also has an ergonomic handle made of African Pakka wood.

This set is made up of 5 knives each one used to perform different functions such as cutting bread, carving, peeling fruits and vegetables, among others for various uses, and it comes in a 360º rotating base where you can have all the knives on hand.

Additionally, this set of knives includes a lifetime guarantee that makes it a great option if you are looking for knives for a lifetime.

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