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Tips to Maintain your Hardwood Floorings

If you want to enhance your flooring’s appearance or durability, you should blindly get hardwood flooring, simply because they are elegant, stylish and resilient. What else can someone ask for? 

Some people are still conflicted about getting hardwood floors because they believe that cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring is expensive. Before we move on, let’s just clear one fact – you can easily maintain hardwood floors without hiring a professional. With a little knowledge and caring tips, you can maintain the glossy appeal and fine texture of wood as efficiently as a professional. 

If you have just invested in the gorgeous Junckers hardwood flooring, you can keep your flooring stain and mold-free by following these few easy maintenance tips. 

Vacuum and Sweep Frequently 

To maintain the natural texture of your hardwood floors, you should vacuum and sweep the floor often – if possible, do it daily. You might don’t realize it, but the fine particles of dust, grit, and gravel easily cover your floor and when you walk over the gritty floor, it ruins the floor’s texture. Even if you have implemented no shoe rule in the home, the tiny dust particles can easily be transported by the air. 

The best solution here is to sweep regularly or vacuum your flooring so that not a single fragment of dust and grit can dampen its look. 

Recognize Early Signs of Wear 

One interesting fact about hardwood flooring is that it won’t wear evenly. You might start to notice small spots near your refrigerator, threshold, or other heavy foot traffic area at first. Mostly, people don’t take these spots seriously unless they see major wear and tear, which is a mistake. You should immediately take action when you spot a weird mark or faded patch on your wood flooring. 

The reason behind this is that you can’t just sand or coat a part of your wood flooring, you’d have to retouch the entire surface to maintain a uniform look. Thus, don’t ignore these early warnings and keep a watchful eye on your flooring. 

Use Furniture Protectors

Whether you are hosting a party or are simply bored with your interior decor, by moving your furniture, you can bring a new look to your place. However, all your furniture moving might not sit well with your precious wood flooring because fine-grit gets stuck within you furniture legs, which can scratch your wood pretty badly. 

If you move your furniture often, just put furniture protectors on your furnishings’ legs. This way, you can easily move your furniture without getting a panic attack. 

Use Old School Mopping Technique 

If you have ordered those long stick mops to wet clean your wooden floor, drop this idea immediately because even one extra drop of water can swell up your flooring. When you wish to wet clean your flooring, you should use the old school method of going on your knees and tightly squeezing the wet towels before giving a rub to your floor. 

This method might put your back on overdrive but it is a perfect solution for the health of your pristine wooden floor. You don’t need to mop your floor often – once a week is sufficient in most cases. 

Don’t Try DIY Solutions

If any of your friends has suggested you use pine cleaners, vinegar, ammonia, or any other ridiculous home treatment to clean your wooden floor, don’t try it. You need to consult your hardwood floor manufacturer and get the list of all the components you can use to clean your floor. When you use any hard component to clean your wooden floor, it will wipe away the wood’s glossy and vibrant texture. Always use the floor cleaners recommended by your floor manufacturer – don’t trust anyone else. 

Maintaining hardwood flooring is a pretty easy task if you remain cautious and careful. Once you have ordered the imperial quality hardwood floors from the Junckers Hardwood store, you can follow these easy maintenance tips so that your floor remains shiny and gorgeous for years. If you have any further queries regarding floor maintenance, you can consult our professionals anytime by simply clicking here. 

Basant Kumar
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