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Tips To Find Luxury Penthouse in Chicago

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. With rapid construction of high rise buildings, there are a number of penthouse available on rent with best views of Chicago skylines. Prices of the penthouse are different as per location, size and amenities provided. If you want to live the best luxury lifestyle then here are the tips to find the best Chicago penthouses on rent.


Budget for renting a penthouse is the first thing that you consider first. You can get the best penthouse on rent in Chicago at around $15000. So if your budget is good then only you can rent a penthouse. It is a good idea if you spend a maximum of only a fourth of your monthly income on rent. When you rent a penthouse, there are many other costs involved for luxury facilities.So, calculate all these expenses while considering your budget.

Where to find penthouses on rent

For finding penthouses on rent in Chicago, apartment rental websites are best. You can choose a location directly on a map in which neighborhood you want a penthouse. Check all the amenities provided in the apartment. You can also list out items that you need in an apartment before starting to search. See photos, and take a virtual tour of the apartments to get an idea about the penthouse. 

Sell old furnitures

Luxury apartments come with all basic to luxury amenities. They provide very high quality wood furniture, hardwood floor and all the electronics appliances that help you in daily work. If you have old furniture then better you sell them before moving into a luxury penthouse in Chicago. It will help you to arrange all the things. It will help you to arrange all the items in the sausalito apartments.

Large dog owners

Most luxury apartments allow large dogs in their apartment. But there will be pet deposits and monthly charges per pet other than your monthly rent. So your monthly rent depends on how many pets you have. Check if a pet spa is available within the apartment so that you do not need to go out for pet spa. Ask your friends or family members about a good penthouse for dog owners. Penthouses near large parks are also better for dog owners so that they can go for a walk with their pets in the evening.

Physical tour

Physical tour is a must before signing a rental apartment agreement for a penthouse in Chicago. When you check the apartment physically then you can understand the condition of the apartment, about its amenities and view from the balcony. Sometimes you can not understand the view due to the angle of photographs. Check whether anything halts the views from your window or not. Check the condition of the furniture and appliances. Talk to owners if you find anything that can be replaced or repaired in near future. 

As you are going to live on the top floor, check for leaks due to rain so that you do not get problems while it is raining.

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