Tips to Be a Great Gift Giver

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on the things that you get for people to be great at being gifts. Smart planning, thoughtful consideration, and thrifty shopping habits will help you purchase gifts that are going to be a hit. Whether you’re going to give someone a gift to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holidays, or an important milestone in a loved one’s life, a few practical steps can help you pick out fantastic presents.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t let uncertainty be an excuse for procrastination. If you wait too long to decide what to give, your options may be more limited. To get the best price available, you’ll probably have luck looking online rather than scouring brick and mortar stores. You definitely don’t want to be in the position of having to go from store to store if you don’t have much time to work with. 

Bear in mind that placing an order online means you’ll have to wait for shipping. You should make your choice well in advance of a special occasion so you won’t have to exclude compelling deals or pay for expedited shipping due to time constraints. 

Set Your Budget Practically

Decide on your budget for a gift before you start shopping. With the right amount of money in mind, it will be easier to brainstorm workable options. Also, you can set your price limits in search parameters when you’re looking for deals on retailers’ websites.

If you have an outstanding gift idea but it’s over your budget, consider splitting it with someone. People who you know have trouble coming up with ideas or tend to procrastinate for too long may really welcome the opportunity to get in on giving somebody something special. 

Make Purchases With Credit Generate Rewards

Using an American Express credit card to earn rewards that you can use to maximize your purchasing power when you are gift shopping. To really get substantive value out of credit card rewards, remember to avoid carrying high balances forward month after month. If you use too much credit at once and leave a large balance unpaid, you could wind up interest charges that considerably exceed the value of rewards you’ve generated. 

When you buy things using a particular card with rewards points in mind, treat it as if you’re making a purchase with an ATM and transfer the full amount of the purchase from your checking account as soon as possible after the transaction has been finalized. 

Choose Presents With Practical Utility

Knick knacks and decorative items may convey a nice sentiment, but they might not offer much by way of functional benefits. Think about what recipients would like to have but might not necessarily get for themselves. Presents with practical everyday purposes that make people’s homelife comfier or easier tend to make awesome presents. 

Consider a Subscription Box

A monthly subscription to a box of products is a gift that keeps on giving. Month after month, friends or family members will be reminded how thoughtful you are and how loved they are . There are subscription boxes available for just about every type of interest, and there are options that can fit a wide range of budgets.

Don’t Superimpose Your Preferences in Your Selection Process

Part of being a great gift giver is having good instincts. Sometimes the greatest gifts are totally outside the box but you just know that they’ll be a hit.

That said, you don’t want to pick an item that’s a total gamble. Even if you know the recipient will consider your present to be thoughtful, you’d also like to be reasonably assured that they’re going to like and use it. So, go with your gut, but make sure that you’re basing your decision on that person’s tastes and preferences rather than your own. 

Ultimately, gearing up for shopping strategically and choosing presents that combine practical utility and thoughtfulness will make you better at giving gifts. Be thrifty but be thoughtful, and you’ll consistently find gifts that inspire joy.

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