Tips for making a sustainable workspace


We live when the things we do in our daily lives are impacting the environment direly. Environment activists and organizations across the world are trying to raise awareness about this. Seeing these people on roads and on various social media platforms has become a routine.

A large chunk of this pollution is due to a mammoth growth among industries and brands worldwide. Mainly the manufacturing processes and the workspaces are responsible for this damage we are causing to the environment.

A report by the Environmental Defense Fund says that around 93% of consumers believe that different companies around the globe are responsible for the environmental impact. Perhaps this is why top market players adopt responsible and sustainable practices to move towards a greener and less polluted environment.

Adopting these sustainable practices is a boon to the environment and humanity as a whole and these big companies. First of all, these actions act as a source of inspiration; secondly, they improve the brand’s image. It gives them the attention of the customers, and the employees also feel connected with the company.

So, if adopting sustainable practices is so helpful for the organizations, a big question arises as to how they can adopt them. This article is written to throw some light on the same. Read between the lines to know more.


Your workspace is mainly responsible for all your carbon emissions, and an excellent way to control these emissions is to make your workspace sustainable. While building your office, opt for using sustainable practices and products. For example, the use of solar energy and biodegradable and recyclable materials should be considered. There are hundreds of new technologies that can promote sustainability, and you need to be aware of them.


You should encourage your employees to use more sustainable practices. Tell them to use public transportation, carpooling, or other daily things that can reduce emissions. You can organize recycling programs and arrange waste stations for biodegradable and non – biodegradable wastes. For all this, you should train your workforce with different methods. A perfect solution to this is to opt for something like VelocityEHS. This can drastically reduce emissions and help you to adopt sustainable practices in your workspace.


Setting monthly targets and organizing different competitions to engage your workforce is a fun way to go green. For example, you can ask them to use less biodegradable products for daily things and then reward the winners with little things. This would promote a feeling of positive competition, and hence you will get visible results.


You should promote little things among your employees for going green. Ask them to bring a desk plant with them, or you can dedicate a particular time of the day to turn some of your electronics, lighting, and HVAC systems. This would promote sustainability, and you can be proud of yourself for not emitting anything in that time.


As discussed above, the need for sustainability at the workplace is rising, as they are the main contributor to hurting the environment. Going green doesn’t happen overnight, and you need to be patient enough till that. There are these little things that can have a significant impact on humanity. This is a long battle that has to be fought with discipline, perseverance, and patience. This article was a slight attempt to throw some light on how to help you in doing that. I hope it helped.


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