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If you want to gain a foothold internationally or with a global employer, the online professional network of choice is called LinkedIn. Here you will find international companies and you can make contacts with their employees. No other network offers this form. Read our tips for your LinkedIn profile here.

Employees of international companies are more likely to be found on LinkedIn. So LinkedIn is essential when it comes to international companies, says network expert Michael Rajiv Shah, author of the book Accelerating Careers with LinkedIn. If you are still at the beginning of your career, you should also create a LinkedIn profile.

It is best to research where employees from your target companies can be found and use the corresponding profile particularly intensively.

The special features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is fundamentally American: In the United States, companies ask applicants for references rather than certificates.

No wonder that the US network LinkedIn has placed greater emphasis on recommendations from the start. This is particularly evident in some functions in the profile, for example when it comes to confirming your knowledge and skills.

Contact request at LinkedIn

In the past, LinkedIn always asked where you knew your new contact form and didn’t allow contact requests to people you didn’t know. This has since been changed, which has led to a lot more socializing on LinkedIn. Especially in Switzerland, LinkedIn Xing has overtaken user numbers.

Advantages of LinkedIn Profile

An advantage of LinkedIn is that each entry in the profile can be edited individually. You simply go to Edit Profile and then you can change text elements by clicking on the small, blue pencil.

Already in your personal area, in which your photo appears prominently, you can choose between a slogan or the current position. If you leave out the slogan here, LinkedIn simply uses the position of your current work experience. For getting your profile done in an organized manner you can check LINKEDIN PROFILE WRITING SERVICE.

Create a LinkedIn profile

Filling out the profile is very easy. LinkedIn also gives you the option of filling out the profile in several languages. Here LinkedIn offers the function of creating the profile in a different language for each individual section.

LinkedIn makes it easy for you and gradually asks for the relevant information. These include company name, title (your job title), location, period, description (pick up your keywords again. Use terms that are searched for, and that make you stand out).

With LinkedIn, you can work with a portfolio for every single professional or practical experience. This is then assigned to the respective station.

Even if you supposedly have little or no work experience, you still have a lot of practical experience from the time of your studies. For example, if you built a racing car with a Formula Student team at the university and were at the events, you can post a video or pictures with the results of last season here.

It is a great platform to invest your time in as it will grow as the time passes can make you achieve your dream job.


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