Three Jobs That You Can Start Immediately

One of the many negative side effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is the devastating impact it has had on the job market. With many businesses scaling back operations and having gone through lengthy periods of being closed, this has resulted in a huge number of people losing their jobs. If this has happened to you, you might be desperately searching for and applying to numerous job postings to secure your new job. Fortunately, however, there are some industries out there that have a high demand for staff, and as such, you could start a job immediately.

1. Hot shot trucking

If you want a change of career and enjoy the lure of life on the open road, why not look for trucking work? Hot shot trucking is a form of trucking where the delivery time is important: you will be working to a time frame. Hot shot truckers usually drive medium-sized vehicles with a variety of trailer add-ons so that they are ready to handle a number of job and cargo types at a moment’s notice. You will usually be handling construction equipment, machinery, and other similar cargoes, but you might be required to carry any cargo that can be shipped. Hot shot truckers usually operate in and around their local areas, making this an ideal career choice if you prefer to stick closer to home and dislike the itinerant nature of long haul trucking; however, you may also choose to deliver across the US. 

2. Warehouse operative

Where traditional in-person retail has floundered during the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has experienced a massive boom. Warehouses are key to the success of online retail, as they are where orders are received and distributed to customers. As a warehouse operative, you will play a key part in ensuring that all orders are fulfilled accurately and in a timely manner. There are different parts of the warehouse in which you may work. You might become part of the picking team, for instance, or be involved in preparing orders for shipping. As a warehouse operative, you will need to have high stamina to cope with the hours spent on your feet and be willing to work night shifts. There may also be opportunities for you to pick up plenty of overtime work during busy periods like the run-up to Christmas. 

3. Takeaway delivery courier

As a takeaway delivery driver, for instance, with Uber Eats, you will be responsible for ensuring that customers receive their freshly prepared meal in as short a timeframe as possible so that it is still hot and delicious to eat. The vehicle you use can make a huge difference. For instance, if you are a food delivery courier in your local city, you might find it easier to travel on a bicycle to avoid getting stuck in traffic and as a form of exercise. As a delivery driver covering longer distances, however, using a car is a better transportation method. 

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