Things you Should do Immediately After Losing your Wallet

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If you are a victim of pickpocketing, the chances are that is has happened when you were boarding or alighting a crowded train or bus. Pickpockets usually target individuals during these moments when the latter’s attention is away from their valuables.

Other than cash, you will end up losing your credit or debit cards and also identity cards like PAN. In such cases, there are some steps you must take to ensure frauds are not committed with your stolen property.

Apart from the things to do after losing a wallet, you can purchase a comprehensive wallet care plan to avail its benefits once such an unforeseen incident occurs.

Things to do after losing a wallet

  1. Block your payment cards

It is essential to block all your debit and credit cards as soon as you lose your wallet. It mitigates the risk of misuse of such cards and does not incur any unnecessary financial burden. You can call your different payment card providers and block your cards one by one. 

However, if you avail a comprehensive card protection plan, you can block all your payment cards with one phone call.

  1. Block your SIM card

In case you have lost your mobile phone with your wallet, then it is essential to block the SIM card by calling your respective service provider. Otherwise, if you have a wallet care plan, it will provide this service.

  1. Make a list of items you have lost

After you have lost your wallet, you must make a list of things in it before filing a report with the police. When filing an FIR, you need to provide a detail description of every item you have misplaced. 

  1. File a police report

Filing a report with the police or respective local authorities is vital. This report will prove critical in case you are a victim of identity fraud or theft. 

  1. Visit the Motor Vehicles Department to report lost driver’s license 

After filing the police report, take a copy of it and visit the local office of the Motor Vehicles Department to report the loss of your driver’s license (if such a situation has occurred). A driving license is considered as a vital identity proof, and in case of theft, it increases the risk of identity theft. Thus, it is imperative to report it as soon as possible.

These are some of the things that you can do after you suffer from wallet theft. To mitigate the losses due to such an incident, you can avail an online credit card insurance policy. Such plans offer substantial coverage from frauds and unauthorised usage of payment cards. 

Reputed NBFC, Bajaj Finserv provides a comprehensive Wallet Care plan under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. It includes, payment cards blocking, travel assistance, fraud protection, SIM card blocking, etc. You can buy card protection plan online via the company’s website. 

Women can consider buying a purse care plan to avail the same benefits and coverage offered by the policy mentioned above. 

Along with CPP in India, you can avail an additional coverage for your keys, with a key safeguard plan. In case of a loss or theft, this plan will provide financial coverage for expenses incurred for the replacement. This plan is available for an affordable premium of Rs.499 per annum and coverage of up to Rs.60,000. 

Even though you cannot prevent a wallet theft, you can prepare yourself to manage such situations. Along with following the above-mentioned tips, avail a wallet care plan to protect your interests.


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