Things you should consider before booking an event space in Singapore

When you’re looking to book an event space in Singapore, the options you will get are numerous. Not only will you find event spaces of all sizes but of all types as well. That is why; you need to understand how you should choose any event space.

Only when you have fixed criteria, choosing the ideal event space for your event will be easy.

There are essentially five factors to consider while choosing the event space. We will highlight those below.

1. Patron capacity:

Firstly, you have to look at the capacity of the event space. Any space can host 50 people, or it can host 400 people as well. You have to look at the capacity of patrons which it can host.

Only when you’re sure about the capacity can you go ahead and book that event space.

2. Attrition policy:

In most cases, the event space management will ask you to commit to the number of patrons who will be attending the event. However, it might so happen that the actual attendees might not turn up on the day. It means that if you have booked an event space for 100 individuals, you might only get 80 attendees.

In that case, you have to pay for the number of patrons for which you have booked. However, instead of assuming this, you have to inquire about the event space’s attrition policy in advance. Only once you do so can you estimate the overall cost of the event.

3. Inclusions:

What is exactly included in the event space cost?

There can be a lot of inclusions like:

• Catering

• Decoration

• Service

• And so on

You have to always inquire about the inclusions. Once you inquire about the inclusions, it will become effortless for you to understand what kind of money you will have to spend.

Certain individuals might prefer event spaces that have everything included. Certain others might select event spaces that allow you to bring your vendors.

You have to look at the list of inclusions and, after that, take a call.

4. Suppliers/caterers:

You have to also enquire from the event space management whether you can bring your vendors or not. You will, of course, need vendors like caterers to host your event. Many event spaces charge you a fee when you bring in outside caterers. You have to inquire about the same in advance.

Only then, will you know the exact cost of hosting the event. It is another factor which you have to consider while booking the event space.

5. Access:

Event space can consist of multiple access points. You have to inquire in advance regarding the access point which will be accessible to you. It can certainly make the entry and exit of the event easier or tougher for you. Instead of assuming things, it is a good idea to inquire about the same from the event space manager.

Once you compare the different event spaces on these five parameters, it will become easier for you to choose the right one. You can easily choose the perfect event space for your event once you weigh the different event spaces on these parameters.

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