Things you need to do to succeed in work and life

Success is the destination of many people. While there is no universal measure of a person’s success, we all need constant efforts. This article will cover the things you need to do to achieve this in your life.

Successful people are those who lead a fulfilling life, able to balance work and life. In general, successful people constantly train and develop themselves daily. Success in work and life is a matter that attracts the attention of many people. Here are tips that are considered key to success in life that we bring to you.

1. An enthusiastic attitude decides everything

You know that the personal competency dictionary consists of 3 elements: knowledge, skills and attitude. Therefore the attitude of a person greatly determines their ability. Specifically, the positive people, not easy to give up at work, life is often easier to achieve success in life. Because, no matter what difficulties are not easy to defeat them.

You should embrace life with enthusiasm? What does this mean? Surely you already know the law of gravity? It is considered the secret of the universe, when we work and treat those around us with enthusiasm and a great love, we are more likely to receive a kinder response. Your road to success may be uneven but bumpy, but don’t be discouraged, go on and nurture the seeds of love there, and one day those seeds will sprout.

2. Set clear and serious goals

Do you still remember the famous cartoon “Alice lost in wonderland”? There is a conversation that is considered classics, it is the dialogue between Alice and the cat Cheshire. When Alice didn’t know where to go, she asked the cat and got the answer “Once you don’t know where to go, which way to go”. Even if it’s just a short conversation, it makes people feel startled.

Have you lived for a long time without knowing what you like? Live without knowing your wishes? Don’t worry, this is not your own individual situation. In order to live a successful life, you should be clear about your goals. By defining goals, you will be more motivated to work and choose for yourself the right direction. Success is so that more quickly come.

Some important skills will help us to be more serious about our goals. With management skills, you will know how to allocate goals and time appropriately. Time management skills allow you to work on time and have more time to relax and entertain. Other soft skills such as effective communication skills, negotiation skills will help you expand relationships and quickly have “associates” to help on the way to your success.

3. Work hard

What is the secret to success? In fact, the key to success is not somewhere strange, but right beside us. It is an effort every day by working harder, being more focused. Perhaps these efforts have not brought about quick success but after a while we will find ourselves going further. Whenever you have a reason to be lazy, remember this saying, “Little Tales of Big City”. Working harder every day is the key to success.

4. Proactively manage time

There is a fact like this: Each person only has 24 hours a day, which is equal to 1440 minutes and equals 86400 seconds. So, why do some people become more successful and there are people who stay still in place forever? God is fair to give each of us the same amount of time. So, how far do you want to go, how long will it take, now learn how to manage your time.

With effective time management, you will know how to treasure your own time and not waste other people’s time. This can be started from creating discipline for yourself. You should make it a habit to be more proactive in time with your friends, working on the lists that have been set before.

5. Having health is having everything

There are many facts that prove human success but do not have the opportunity to enjoy those efforts and achievements. This is a pity. Are you still impressed by the story of a successful businessman in his 30s who died at the peak of his life? Therefore, whether we work hard or strive every day, we need to exercise. When the “money, the bowl of rice” has swept us into a cycle of work, work and work. At this point, all you need to do is pause and learn to balance your life. You can use the Ikigai method to lead a happier life.

6. Limit negative thoughts

The biggest harm of negative thoughts is affecting our moods and spirits. The accumulated negative thoughts will poison the soul and make life less happy. Therefore, the road to success in life also becomes more remote. Here are some ways to help you eliminate negative thoughts in your work and life:

Remember, endure and be silent for the wind waves to pass,it is not always the best way to solve the problem and to be silent and to let the waves pass away. You may be a good banker, programmer, or receptionist, but if you are being wronged or harmed by a colleague, don’t just know how to be quiet and endure. You can’t be sure that things like this won’t repeat again, do you? At this point, instead of embracing your frustration and resentment for everyone around you, you should learn to face and find the most suitable solution. Sometimes teaching a colleague not to know a lesson is also necessary!

Learn to share and listen to people’s thoughts: Sometimes negative thoughts in life come from misunderstanding and not giving the other person a chance to express. Therefore, learn to listen and share with others.

7. Constantly strive, do not stop learning

Learning new things is our lifelong journey. Why so? Because life is constantly moving, constantly changing. If we do not acquire new knowledge, it will easily be outdated and left behind. Therefore, successful people are those who are able to learn anytime and anywhere, so their ability to adapt to life is extremely fast. Some useful channels for you to increase your knowledge such as books, Youtube, educational websites, friends, teachers, schools.

8. Building good relationships

At work, relationships account for more than 60% of a person’s success. You can see from partners, colleagues, bosses or customers … they are all our relationships. Maintaining and developing relationships will bring you more opportunities, thus, life becomes more convenient.

9. Have faith in your choices

How to succeed? That is, believe in your choices. When you believe enough, you will be motivated enough to try, to try and quickly prove it to everyone. Therefore, when people have not recognized that effort, instead of trying to encourage people to believe and believe, you should be quiet and focus on doing, trying, trying. Don’t be sad when you’re not supported from the beginning!

10. Do not hesitate, take action immediately

To achieve success, we do not just sit still and imagine them. No matter whether you have a business plan or just how badly they are not being implemented? So, as soon as you have new ideas you should focus on implementing them, sometimes for as long as possible makes us have reason to delay. Doing it, pausing on seeing results, changing and doing is the key to helping you lead a more successful life.


Success is the life we ​​crave. However, it is not easy to become successful. Therefore, keep trying and perfecting yourself. When you are confused, do not know where to start, remember this article! I wish you a happier life soon.

Basant Kumar
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