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Things that make a property unmortgageable

A mortgage is the base of property purchase; most of the borrowers need it because not all people in the world are super-rich. However, a mortgage is approved on a property, which should stand perfect on specific parameters. Not every house/building/structure is suitable to qualify for a loan. There are minimum quality standards and other conditions to meet.  

What is an unmortgageable property?

An unmortgageable property is the one with any structural defects that makes a place uninhabitable. The location is also a concern that announces a property unfit to be backed-up with any sort of financial assistance or loan.

Factors that make a property unfit for mortgage

Read the multiple factors that are responsible when a property is tagged as unmortgagable. You will get the insight into smart buying decision through this. 

  • Commercial neighbourhood

A property with a commercial neighbourhood is never fit to live due to several reasons that can be explained through an example. 

  • A house near a pub can bring a threat of crime for a family. 
  • Similarly, a car garage near your house will cause noise every day. 

There can be many more examples but the above are sufficient to give the hint of the actual situation – 

You may regret the decision and want to leave the place soon. It inspires missed payments; also, such properties are not easy to sell in the market. This fact makes the mortgage lenders act reluctant.

  • Absence of kitchen or bathroom 

Kitchen and a bathroom are the necessary facilities that need to be there in a house. If they are not present in a house, it is certainly not suitable to be presented for a mortgage. Even if there is a sink with a tap and you call it a kitchen, then the decision of the lender is subjective. 

Not only should both the things be there but also with the set standards. After all, the decided parameters make a house habitable. A mortgage is a big obligation, and a lender cannot just let you borrow money for any unreasonable and incomplete property.

  • Low-quality construction material 

When you compromise with the quality of the construction material you indirect (or maybe directly) play with the life of its households. A house is a shelter of security, and it should be strong to keep a person and his/her family safe from the external threats.  

If a house is weak, prone to defects related to weather changes like leakage during rain etc. it is not a wise choice. Your selected house should be structurally stable. 

Issues that arise due to poor quality construction are –  

  • Building collapse that gives threat to life
  • Leakage issues, in turn, weaker structure 
  • Prone to natural calamities like earthquake
  • Increase in maintenance cost
  • Boundary disputes 

It is again an issue that causes obstacles in attainment of funds. Such conditions create legal complications, which makes the property a bad choice. A mortgage lender cannot bear the risk of lending for a house that has no confirmed boundaries. 

Types of boundary disputes   

  • Location disputes – Where precisely a boundary should be placed
  • Allocation disputes – Dispute on who owns the property 
  • Repair disputes – Who is responsible for the repair 
  • Land use issues – Claims that stop to use the property for the purpose etc

There can be several other types of issues depending upon the property and the location. They can stop anyone from obtaining funds through a mortgage. No lender will get ready to offer funds on a property in the above conditions.

You know what…

The lending rules made by the regulatory authorities do not allow the mortgage providers to consider such cases. These are the legal conditions for the lending companies, and one cannot obtain funds for an unfit property. No matter if the applicant goes to the most renowned mainstream lender or hires the best mortgage broker in the UK. A rule is a rule.

Types of properties that you should avoid and why

Now, when you are clear what makes a property unmortgageable, it is time to know the type that is unacceptable for the lenders.

Type of propertyWhy to avoid
Flats above a shop/any commercial premiseThey are considered risky for the occupants such as crime due to a beer bar.
Live/work unitsSome people use if only for residential purpose, which breaks the planning regulations.
Studio flatsDue to the small size, such properties are not easy to sell and thus the lenders act reluctant.
Property with agricultural tiesSuch properties can be legally used only by a person who is in the agriculture sector
Flats with no management companyIn such properties, the common areas like lifts, hallways etc. can remain neglected. It degrades the importance of the property. 

All the above types of properties are not easy to sell, and that makes them ‘not good’ for a mortgage. When you make a choice, make sure that you do not select a property that has no sale value in future and also risky to use. Explore the internet, seek unbiased advice, and you can always be correct in what you do.  

pavan Kumar
Proud organizer. Food nerd. Extreme thinker. Evil alcohol expert. Falls down a lot. Freelance music buff. Explorer.

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