The top practices for using realtor postcards!

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For businesses and business owners who want to increase the rate of audience response, reach their target market, and drive sales, try this new marketing method best practices! 

The best practices for using a realtor postcard to broadcast your business!

If you are a realtor and you are looking to sell houses in your local area, consider using these best practices so you can effectively use this marketing method. Instead of just trying a marketing method and customer engagement strategy without any proof, use this proven plan to reach your target market and build a relationship with new clients. 

Make the postcard stand out!

The first step of how to use a realtor postcard to broadcast your business is to make the postcard stand out among the rest. If you find that the competition is trying to beat you out by using other marketing methods, ensure your realtor postcard really has a “pop” when compared to others. Whether it be with the theme, the wording, or the colors, you need to get the attention of a future customer. See more here on how to make your realtor postcard unique.

Targeting methods for your audience

When you are using a realtor postcard, make sure you target the correct audience before designing the theme of the card. Before you can turn potential customers into leads and convert sales, you need to campaign to the right people. If you are unsure where to start, use one of these examples:

  • Mail one to one: connect personally with consumers by using targeted mail software so you can connect individually. Instead of sending generic messages, use targeted mail to appeal to a person’s interests and lifestyle. 
  • Engage with dedicated consumers: the second way to use targeting methods with your realtor postcard to boost engagement rates is to engage with your nearby audience and loyal customers. Instead of sending generalized messages, use personalized and customized campaigns to get new clients and increase the retention rate. 

Personalized postcards 

The third way to use a realtor postcard to engage with your target audience and utilize best practices is to create a personalized style. If you send a generic message, it will probably not be opened – however, a personalized postcard has a 30% increased chance of response! Add the person’s name, location, or past purchases to put a personal spin on the letter. 

Keep it simple and easy to read 

The next method you should use with your realtor postcard so you can increase response rates and drive sales to keep it simple and clear. Instead of using complex words and verbiage, make sure you keep your realtor postcard simple, aesthetic, and stylish to increase the chances of being opened. 

Feature solely one or two pieces of information that can sway a person’s decision and thought-making process to choose you instead of the competition.


If you are deciding whether or not to use a realtor postcard for your marketing methods – or you don’t know how to use a realtor postcard – use these best practices to increase customer engagement and drive important sales conversions! 


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