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The Top 3 Tips To Protect Your Luxury Watch

Rolex watches are one of the most prestigious and expensive luxury timepieces worldwide and are designed to last for years. It’s essential to maintain and protect your Rolex watch frequently if you want to keep its polish, continue functioning, and of course, looking perfect every day.

Even though Rolex watches need to be taken care of daily, there are several best practices to be noted regarding protecting a Rolex timepiece as they will bring many tears of efficient performance. However, following these simple tips makes your watch stay clean and functional due to passing it on to the next generation.

How To Protect Your Rolex?

Rolex is one of the top luxury watch brands. It must be a habit to clean it now and then, not because you have spent thousands of money buying it, but so you can receive financial satisfaction whenever you choose to sell your Rolex timepiece or trade for another watch of choice. Here’s how.

  1. Cleaning Your Watch

Cleaning your Rolex watch is the efficient and easiest way to preserve it in the best condition for the years to come. Most Rolex watches are designed with a metal bracelet, which is specifically used to gather plenty of dirt and dust whenever you wear it. It torments not only your look, but it can also increase corrosion that makes it unhygienic to wear.

  • To clean, always check the winding crown if it’s tightly attached to the case to avoid any liquid from infiltrating the inside of the watch.
  • Lukewarm water should be used to rinse off the clock and extract any loose elements and factors and soap such as ammonia-free soap jumbled with a bar of mild soap to wash the watch’s exterior carefully. Use hands to smudge.
  • Bracelet links can be stressful to clean, so a soft and old toothbrush can help extract all the dirt from the gaps. Once the washing is completed, slowly immerse the watch in the water in a few intervals. 
  • Lastly, sustain using lukewarm water and gently clean away all the remaining soap and dirt. Then, get a napkin/cloth to carefully dry the watch with a blow dryer in low level can be coherent in drying faster the hard spots like the between links of the look.
  1. Dealing With Scratches 

There are breached views regarding dealing with certain hairlines, scratches, and dings on a Rolex watch. A few would see scratches as a remembrance and a normal part of using a clock. On the other hand, some people are afraid of scratching their timepieces and always wear Rolex watches carefully.

However, the matter of truth is it’s almost unthinkable to prevent getting scratches. It’s also crucial that some cleaning can only be done by a trained professional because the burnish process needs to extract any minor detail of material from the exterior of the components. When worked improperly, it can permanently destroy the watch.

For older generations of Rolex watches with acrylic crystals, minor scratches can be easily removed without harming your look. Significantly, acrylics are more vulnerable to scratches compared to synthetic sapphire; any scratches and blemish can be smoothly repaired by just a soft cloth and shining mix like Polywatch.

To remove scratches from the Rolex acrylic crystal put a tiny amount of shining mix on the crystal and put even pressure while smudging it with a soft cloth for about 2-3 minutes. And repeat the entire process as needed to extract more profound and more formidable scuffs and scratches. 

  1. Servicing

The great way to preserve your Rolex in the best condition is to have it serviced once in a while. Service is a crucial thing to do if you want to take care of your watch if you’re going to have a timepiece that is in flawless condition and possessing ticking perfection. There are specific grounds on why servicing your eye is ideal. 

Whenever you service your Rolex watch, it’s being checked entirely and precisely. The movement is cleaned and disassembled, and some parts are being changed for the latest one. It can also be utterly polished if you want to. On top of that, the watch is being rested for accuracy and pressure. In simpler terms, a whole run-through.

Besides, always keep in mind to prevent opening the case back of the Rolex watch yourself for the reason you need marked tools for working on it; the specific tools that primarily verified and official watchmakers use and have. If done improperly, you might scratch and harm yourself and might be the root of the damage at the back case.


There are more ways on how to keep your Rolex watches looking perfect and in their best condition, but these top three guides are as crucial as them. Remember that buying luxury items like Rolex watches must be maintained and preserved in all ways possible.  

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