The tale of how pilot glasses came into being. And why should you buy them?

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With 2020 bringing newer glasses and sunspecs into trend, buying glasses and sunglasses is as confusing as it gets. Wayfarers, cat-eyes, squares, hexagonals, retro, futuristic, the list goes on. This great variety of frame styles and an even wider range of colours and designs can be overwhelming for any person choosing eyewear. Add to that, the task of buying eyeglasses that are in trend. This is enough to know that the pressure is real!

While some frame designs have gone out of trend as quickly as they came, there are classic styles that have been around since the beginning! And these are not going out of style anytime soon. Yes, I am referring to pilot glasses. From rising to popularity during the Second World War to being a popular choice even now, these glasses have truly survived the test of time.

Primarily designed by B&L for military pilots, aviator glasses cover a large portion around the eye and block light from all directions possible. Along with this, pilot glasses were also manufactured to be worn easily with helmets, bringing military pilots another great advantage. They were labelled ‘iconic’ and quickly became favourites after US Army Air General Douglas MacArthur landed in Manila, Philippines donning a pair in 1936.

From then on, there was no turning back for pilot glasses. Many celebrated sportspersons, fishermen and hunters were spotted wearing these glasses in the 1930s. And the trend stayed as more and more celebrities were spotted wearing them. This included the songwriter and musician Paul McCartney among many others.

What makes them so popular now?

Their extreme functionality and remarkable design are the primary reasons pilot glasses make it to trendiest eyewear lists even after eighty years of existence. But there are a lot of other reasons too.

Pilot glasses are in trend even now because their style has changed to adapt to the needs of every new generation. Although many aviators available today are not very different from the 1936 classics, the subtle changes in designs have ensured that pilot glasses are tailored for all and loved by across generations.

The ever-growing popularity of aviators can also be because eyewear companies across the world manufacture and sell the design.

Why should I buy pilot glasses? 

Because, quite frankly, they are here to stay! This means that if you buy a pair of pilot glasses, you can be assured that you aren’t wearing something no longer in trend.

Number two, pilot glasses are one-size-fits-all of eyewear. They are going to suit you irrespective of your face shape or your personality. This brings us to our next statement, which is that aviator glasses are perfect for every setting and occasion. Whether you want to make an impact mark or nail a presentation, pilot glasses work great.

Pilot glasses or aviators are also cool to own whether you are wearing them for sun protection or as normal vision-correction glasses.

So, you should buy pilot glasses if you can’t keep up with the trends that come and go. You should buy pilot glasses if you can’t make a decision about which glasses are the best for your face shape. You should buy aviators if you don’t want to wear those granny glasses with long and fat chains but want to wear trendy. You should buy them if you’re looking for a pair of spectacles that won’t break and crack.

To put it simply, aviator glasses will suit whatever be your need!

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