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Hippie, a countercultural movement, first started with the aim to reject the stereotypical American life. Although the movement originated in the USA, it soon spread to other parts of the world, including Britain and Canada. Hippies felt that middle-class society was being dominated by materialism and suppressing lifestyle, so they developed their unique lifestyle. Both men and women wore rimless aviator glasses, sandals, and beads. Women wore a long dress, and men wore loose t-shirts and pants. Their dresses were unconventional and of psychedelic colors. 

It was a revolutionary and beautiful culture that came to an end during the Vietnamese war. Hippies did not have a direct link with politics. But their active political counterpart was known as Yippies. By 1975, the war ended, and the hippies came to a decline. Hippies were the ones who took down the racial barriers among the communities. 

The hippies are free minds and peace-loving people. Rejuvenating the hippie culture in America would not do any harm because it originated right here. Read below to know more about the culture and how you might adapt it.

1. Vegan Diet: Peace, love, and kindness are the main motto of the hippies. Animal cruelty is against their policy. Following a vegan diet not only stops animal slaughter but also ceases the pressure on the environment.

  • A vegan diet is rich in nutrients, vitamins such as A, C, E, magnesium, potassium, and more. It also helps to lose weight quickly. A study shows that a vegan diet facilitates some participants to lose as much as 9.3 pounds in 18 weeks.
  • This diet improves kidney function, and lowers blood sugar levels, reducing the risk from 50 — 80% of type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the risk of cardiac illnesses.

2. Consuming Cannabis: A common thing among hippies was smoking marijuana. Consuming it not only makes the person calm but also relieves chronic pain. So if you live in Maryland and want to adopt the culture, then you may visit a legalized marijuana dispensary in Bethesda for some organic marijuana

  • It has anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is a chemical compound present in cannabis that has medicinal values.
  • Cannabis helps to treat depression, ADHD, and anxiety. The cannabidiol present in cannabis stabilizes the mood. It also helps to fight alcoholism.

3. Association with Music: Psychedelic music has a long and glorifying history in America. Artists like Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, and Joan Baez were associated with this cultural movement. Miley Cyrus is one of the prominent faces, promoting the hippie culture to today’s generation of young music lovers. Folk and rock music are an inherent part of the hippie culture.

The hippie lifestyle is still present in society. One of the revolutionary practices of the 21st century is vegetarianism. Bright, colorful psychedelic dresses are one of the signatures of this culture. Hippies were the first who protested against the harm done to the environment. Modern society cannot afford to let go of the hippie ideas of peace, respect and freedom for others.

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