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The impact of Coronavirus pandemic on eGaming industry

The development of online gaming has been noteworthy during the COVID-19 pandemic but there is quite much that is to be known. Let’s read it out:

The influence of COVID-19 on the eGaming industry, a  multi-billion dollar industry, has become increasingly evident over the past few months. Whether relaxing on their sofa with their console controller or planted before their home PC, amateur players have turned to eGaming to involve their time during this pandemic and to maintain social distancing; this increase in online gaming can possibly generate healthy revenue through online game purchases. 

A different social experience 

Addressing a developing demand for eGaming entertainment during COVID-19, leading gaming companies are currently offering players reprieve during their disconnection through deals and advancements. For example, in April PlayStation launched “Play at Home”, an initiative that provides free games to keep its locale entertained, while likewise establishing a reserve to help smaller independent game studios that might be facing financial issues. Other online services like Epic Games or Steam are additionally offering AAA titles for free or at base prices, while numerous MMO and Battle Royale games are continually running events and competitions. 

These initiatives have the added benefit of presenting, or perhaps even reintroducing, consumers to the universe of eGaming and the extent of its online accessibility. Through greater accessibility to games online, companies nurture an environment where frequent gamers can encourage friends and family to participate as a method of remaining connected. Old friendships and contacts forged in online societies and teams are likewise rekindled as self-confining middle-aged people are returning to their own online favorites in droves. 

“It has never been more basic to ensure people remain safely connected to one another. Games are the perfect stage because they connect people through the viewpoint of satisfaction, purpose and meaning,” said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. Something that C-level executives like Kotick are sure to be observing closely is how much newly engaged players remain active once social removing and stay-at-home measures are relaxed. 

No game better epitomizes the idea of network than Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Warzone with which paysafecard is partnered. Warzone, which was released on March 10, is a free-to-play combat game that features a Battle Royale permitting up to 150 players. Not exclusively did the game reach 30 million downloads inside two weeks of its release, yet it additionally sparked a COV-AID good cause challenge from NFL star Rob Gronkowski to eSports star Ninja and well known gaming association FaZe Clan. 

Enjoy better and uninterrupted gaming experience with Cable World services, the top TV providers and Internet providers in the USA.

Key demographics 

Consumers have been empowered with more choice than at any other time and are being provided the chance to explore those choices through free preliminaries and limits. To promote long haul engagement, items need to be made available to the most valuable segments of an organization’s target market. On account of online video game purchases, this means a younger base that is less likely to have access to credit cards. 

Most gaming companies have created their own type of online payment alternatives, including PlayStation and Steam, the two of which are likewise established paysafecard partners. Other paysafecard partnerships include those that help in-game purchases for titles, for example, League of Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Big Farm, Clash of Kingdoms and others. 

As indicated by a 2018 report by Earnest, the percentage of people who spend money on video games decreases with age, with those aged 18-24 the well on the way to make purchases. This is where alternative prepaid online arrangements, for example, paysafecard, online money replacement items, and advanced wallets can serve to intensify the buying power of this target audience. 

In Paysafe’s 2019 report – Lost in Transaction: Gen Z expectations at the checkout – we found that solitary 39% of Gen Z consumers regularly pay online with a credit card, compared to 49% of other consumers. Also, a 2019 report from interaction management specialist Epsilon showed that Gen Z consumers are twice as likely to use an online-just store or brand website than some other generation. 

This evidence reflects the heightened value and needs of eGaming’s most engaged demographic; it likewise emphasizes the importance of secure and streamlined payment processes that make items and in-game purchases deliverable in a timeframe that meets their expectations. 


More than at any other time, eGaming can possibly encourage the development of new online interpersonal organizations and construct a broader sense of network. Gaming companies can foster and facilitate those connections by attempting to ensure accessibility just as a suitable selection of payment methods.

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