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The best philosophy books

Here are some of the best philosophy books that you can read and explain philosophy basics. If you want explore more about philosophy domyhomework123 reviews can help you in that.

History of Western philosophy: Bertrand Russell 

This philosophy book explains the most critical theories of philosophy in the Western world, from the ancient Greeks to the philosophers of the 20th century. 

Every chapter in the book touches on a distinct philosophy or Theory. There’s a comprehensive explanation of arguments, main ideas, and criticism. 

The book will give you a general overview of what philosophy means. The book is 895 pages long, and the audio version spans about 38 hours. 

Sophie’s world: Jostein Gaarder 

If you’re a beginner and want to learn about philosophy in a fun and quick way as you can, this is a book to find. The book got written as a philosophy novel, where Sophie, a young girl, lands philosophy from an older person. 

As the story unfolds, Sophie learns the most crucial concepts of philosophy, from the ancient Greek philosophers to the mid thinkers of the 20th century. The book will also give you the critical aspects of thoughts and the involvement in shaping the world. 

The book is about 518 pages in length and 17 hours in the form of audio. 

Think: Simon Blackburn 

It is an introductory book in the field of philosophy. It is different from the many other philosophical books since it emphasizes breakdowns of logic and the problems of philosophy, which pushes the reader to think about the problem actively. 

The book’s main topics are attractive, and they include Free Will, philosophy of epistemology and religion, and Philosophy of the mind. 

The writing style is easy to follow and is clear, the main ideas sprout quite well, and the arguments are logical and well-built. 

The book is 320 pages long. 

Meditations: Marcus Aurelius 

Marquez was one of Rome’s best Emperors and is widely known for his wisdom in measured judgment and ruling. He wrote the book, meditations as a guide to assist him made decisions when he was Emperor. Most people do not resonate with stoicism or meditations, as stoic philosophy requires one to accept they have less free will and that life is mostly predetermined. 

Intense feeling comfortable with this hypothesis, the book can help you shape your strength fort nature has for you, whether good or bad. 

Nicomachean ethics: Aristotle 

As a philosophical discipline, ethics discuss what actions are deemed right and which ones are wrong. 

Nicomachean ethics is the initial work in the Major field, and it’s arguably one of the most critical jobs to come out of the lights. In this book, you will learn about dealing with eudemonia, which means happiness in Greek. 

For one to achieve happiness, you must first balance yourself inwardly and have Personal harmony. You can get inner peace by cultivating critical character virtues and investing in education, thinking, and reasoning. 

In the book, Aristotle explains how to create a virtuous and good character, which begins by learning what actions are deemed ethical and those that aren’t. Afterward, The Creation of better habits best way for a name to get formed. 

The central theme in the book involves learning the difference between vices and virtues. 

The book is about 390 pages in length and spans 8-9 hours in an audiobook form.

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