The Best Doomsday Movies and How To Find Them On Friendspire

Find Them On Friendspire
Find Them On Friendspire

Doomsday movies are one of the best guilty pleasures of American cinema. Finding the best doomsday films, reviews, and recommendations is much easier with Friendspire. This new app helps users find reviews from their friends and family. Even if people do not have friends that review films or TV shows, there are superstars, celebrities, and jet setters, and tastemakers on the app who do all the work reviewing podcasts, music, cinema, and more. Continue reading to learn about Friendspire’s five best doomsday movies and how to use the app to find everything that one needs to remain comfortable, healthy, and entertained.

What Are The Top Five According To Friendspire?

The top five doomsday movies, as rated by Friendspire, are listed below. When someone is looking for a doomsday movie, they might start with this list. Moreover, they might search for recommendations from friends who have already seen these movies. Start with this list before moving on to other films that have been recommended or reviews by friends. 

Independence Day

Independence Day was a blockbuster summer movie starring Will Smith. The fighter pilot was tasked with helping rebel an alien invasion that saw the destruction of the Capitol Building and major cities. The movie is not supposed to be dark. It is intended to show how mankind can come together to fight for the greater good. 

While this movie is filled with action, effects, and major stars, it is very topical in today’s world. At a rating of 8.1, this is the highest of all doomsday recommendations on the app. The best apocalyptic movies do not need to be dark and sad to be successful or worthy of watching.

I Am Legend

This is another blockbuster flick starring Will Smith. As a doomsday movie, this one is set apart by how the plot is presented. Smith is stuck in Manhattan after the island was cleared of zombie vampires. They are aching to get back on the island, and he is alone with his dog.

Of course, the movie has many twists and turns, and it has inspired a lot of debate about how the story is structured. In the end, Smith is left to wallow in his own sadness because he can never escape this loneliness even though most of the rest of the world may have moved on. Anyone who is looking for a review can see that the film also scores 8.1 with users at Friendspire.

The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow is yet another major blockbuster starring Dennis Quaid as well as a young Jake Gyllenhaal. Most people remember the marketing showing New York City covered in ice and snow with only the top of the Statue of Liberty poking out. This film is all about how people can survive and give hope to those who are list. A new President has to escape to Mexico, and he only asks for search and rescue operations when he realizes that people can survive.

The surreal images of the whole Northern Hemisphere covered in snow are enough to make anyone afraid of climate change. 

The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli is a very special book that Eli has been carrying because it is the last of its kind. Eli is blind and stuck in a vast wasteland after an apocalypse. Denzel Washington portrays a stoic and deadly carrier of truth. These books do not exist anymore, and someone with evil in their heart could use the book to control the people. 

The surreal soundtrack of the movie is worth a listen on its own, and the movie also features a younger Mila Kunis who is the perfect foil for the quiet Eli. Can he protect the Book of Eli from those who would exploit it?

The Road

The Road is a lonesome film about a man and his son who have no names. They are marching to the sea on a road filled with cannibals and fiends. While the film only rates at 6.7 on Friendspire, it is a stark look at how most people would handle an apocalypse. It is not happy, fun, or adventurous. 

Why Use Friendspire?

People who are using Friendspire can get reviews for everything from restaurants and bars to podcasts, films, and albums. When someone signs up, they can link to all the people they know who are leaving reviews, or the user can follow celebrities and tastemakers who write reviews all the time. This is a great way to find the best movie about the end of the world, or it might help someone find the perfect place to take their date for dinner. When it is all over, they can snuggle on the couch with the film they think will be the most exciting. With Friendspire, life gets easier, reviews can be found in seconds, and entertainment never disappoints.


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