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New technologies, artificial intelligence, digitalization of industries, automation of management processes, the Internet of things (IoT) are becoming an integral part of modern life. At the same time, the concept of Smart City – Smart City, Safe City – Safe City, Electronic City – E-City is becoming more widespread.

The main goal of projects is to improve the quality of life of citizens through the use of information and communication technologies in the social sphere. Today we would like to tell you about those cities where these technologies are already actively used and what results they have already achieved.


The Internet of Things, blockchain, hyperloop projects, 3D printing, unmanned vehicles and aircraft, robotics and artificial intelligence applications are all actively and almost universally used in Dubai. On the streets of the city you can meet the ideal law enforcement officer – a police robot.

The city is developing under a strategic program called Smart Dubai. Smart cars are already driving on smart roads, and their traffic is controlled by smart traffic lights. Almost all city services and institutions are equipped with high-speed Internet and are interconnected. Dubai’s digital transformation in 2021 has culminated in a complete transition to e-government — all public services and transactions have become paperless, cashless and available online.

If you have not been to Dubai yet, then you’re going to have an unforgettable experience of interacting with all the innovative technologies for the improvement of the city. And to have time to see more, we recommend using the services of Porsche rental Dubai. Renting such a car has long been incredibly affordable, while car rental experts will quickly and professionally help you choose the car that suits you and your travel style. Tourists enjoy the opportunity to rent a luxury car to drive around the luxury capital of the world, Dubai. Even the wealthy local population hire cars to diversify their driving experience. 


In recent years, Seoul has been striving to become one of the world’s first official smart cities to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced plans to install 50,000 IoT smart sensors. The sensors will provide citizens with information on pollution levels throughout the city, traffic information, and even allow them to check the availability of public parking. The IoT is the latest technology that can connect devices into a computer network and allow them to collect, analyze, process and transmit data to other objects through special software. 


Tokyo has become a global research and development center for robotics and nanotechnology, and a leader in 3D manufacturing. Despite the apparent clash of old and new in the robot capital, innovative technology has seeped into every industry here, from manufacturing to cultural events. Even during the Summer Olympic Games, guests of the capital were served by robots. In Tokyo, robots have been actively used to help visitors to the Olympic event navigate the terrain, as well as provide interpreter or porter services.

Moreover, Tokyo is a pioneer of new methods and technologies in 3D printing. According to IESE, the capital of Japan has one of the highest labor productivity rates, as well as the most densely populated urban agglomeration in the world.

New York

A system of sensors has been introduced in New York to recognize vibrations from shots. Information from the sensors goes to the police, who can quickly go to the place and check who shot.

There is a system for predicting the likelihood of fires in New York. As there are 25 thousand buildings in the city, the fire safety department simply does not physically have time to check them for compliance with fire regulations. Big data analysis comes to the rescue, which is exactly what MODA is doing. The condition of the building, its location, previous fires and other criteria are taken into account. 

The BigBelly system allows utilities to manage waste collection and disposal more efficiently. BigBelly determines in which areas of the city garbage accumulates faster and more. Therefore, personnel and vehicles do not waste time and fuel on a useless detour of territories.


The most active program “Smart London” is being implemented in the transport sector. Based on this data, Transport for London (TfL) plans city routes and informs citizens about repairs and other emergency situations.

Open traffic data has allowed many independent developers to enter this market. London has a dozen applications and online services for passengers. They help to navigate the complex scheme of street transport, conveniently plan trips and simply do not miss your train.

London also has a fire prediction system similar to New York’s. Here it is called “Statistical Analytical System” – SAS. It allows you to identify the most fire hazardous houses using statistical analysis. This has significantly reduced the number of fires.

Radhe Gupta
Radhe Gupta is an Indian business blogger. He believes that Content and Social Media Marketing are the strongest forms of marketing nowadays. Radhe also tries different gadgets every now and then to give their reviews online. You can connect with him...

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