Taxi Paderno Dugnano: Get to know your taxi company


Taxi Paderno Dugnano works in a professional, reliable and efficient manner, guaranteeing you a pleasant and safe ride. As one of the major taxi companies in Milan, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles, offering transportation services 24 hours a day. The vehicles are always clean inside and out and all our drivers are polite, courteous, and safe drivers. Furthermore, we provide free assistance for disabled persons thanks to our special vehicles that have been modified for this purpose.

All our drivers are carefully selected for their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. They are always available for you during your ride, obtaining information about your destination, including the name of the street, the floor on which you live, etc. We have a simple call-out procedure that allows you to contact us at any time.

Our cabs are all equipped with GPS technology that allows us to monitor your route in real-time, making sure that you arrive at your destination safely. If you need help on the spot, our drivers are there to help using their expertise in the area. Moreover, if necessary they can also advise local emergency communications services or other agencies so as not to put an additional burden on you.

Taxi Paderno Dugnano is a member of the Milan Association of Taxi Companies which means that we meet the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, and service. We assure you that your ride will be smooth and comfortable, always monitored by us to ensure that you get to your destination safely. We also monitor your ride in terms of costs, so that you never pay more than what’s fair.

At Taxi Paderno Dugnano we are proud to offer our customers an around-the-clock taxi service. As a service that is becoming more and more important in Milan, we make sure you get home safely at any time of the day or night. We would be happy to welcome you on board!

The company operates in the following cities

Taxi Paderno Dugnano is the only taxi company in Italy that has implemented a unique system, depending on the type of vehicle, whereby all of its drivers are trained to be able to perform basic first-aid procedures.

Our drivers are also trained to be able to administer first aid at times of emergencies.

The aforementioned training is performed by certified trainers that have been specially selected by us and who are successfully certified by the Italian Ministry for Emergency Relief, setting us apart from other cabs companies.

Taxi Paderno Dugnano also ensures that all taxi drivers are always within their driving hours so as not to miss out on their weekly rest days or night shifts.

Taxi Paderno Dugnano is the only taxi company in Milan with adjustable taxi meters. Our drivers are able to set the costs of your ride according to your destination.

Taxi Paderno Dugnano welcomes all kinds of customers without discrimination, whether they are passengers with disabilities, children, or pregnant women. We have a special fleet of taxis that have been modified so as to ensure maximum comfort for passengers with reduced mobility. We also have cars equipped with baby seats so as to offer our parents peace of mind, knowing that their little ones are safe and sound while traveling in our vehicles.


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