Getting Ready with Your Software Development Team Is Crucial to Succeed


So, your company got a brilliant software development team and you want it to be successful. Your most important team members i.e. the project manager, designer, developer, and product manager play key role in achieving results with great success.

You need to know certain things if you really wish to hire the best candidates for your company. Here in this article, we will explain first these four crucial elements of the software development team and then the necessary traits required for hiring the best talent.

Four major components of any Software Developing Team:

  • Product manager or owner
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Project manager

A product manager plays most important role in the team. He or she drives the product vision, liaising with customers, comes up with the project scope that the team follows to build a product according to the customer’s needs. 

Any startup company can have a product manager come co-founder in the early stages, providing guidance and interaction with both the sales and marketing team to deliver the clear concept of the product. 

Role of product manager:

  • He/she does the strategic planning for the product 

He/she spends more time in the market to find out what issues can be addressed by the product, gives insights to the company, and determine the best go-to-market strategy of the product. These are most of the time recognized as the CEOs of the product. 

  • He/ she generates ideas for the product 

Since the product manager significantly remains in the industry and listens to customer feedback, he /she are expected to bring more ideas to improve the product. Great product managers must be good at debating with or against their teams with evidence from customer feedback for backing up their claims. 

  • He/she decides features to implement 

Once the ideas are noted, he/she prioritizes and plans the features require to be developed initially. 

  • Planning and executing product and feature releases 

It is the responsibility of the product manager to plan and execute the product release. He/she needs to coordinate with all other sales, PR, marketing and customer support for successful releases. 

Since the developers have bright future in software development and are the product creators. They are the actual minds who write and launch the code of the software app. The demand of full-stack developers is on the rise since they assist businesses in cost saving. 

A good developer has the following traits:

  • Great at time management 
  • Fast learner 
  • Great adaptability 
  • Team player 

Designers are those who bring the vision to life. Every standard development team requires a reliable UI designer who can design the interactive pages for the users. They interact with product manager and developer to take their work to finale. They create the visual assets such as wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and sitemaps.

Project managers focus on the project they have in their hand. They are responsible to bring the product to life. It is always a great idea to frequently collect reviews on how the team is working. By collecting feedback from the people about their experience while working with your software development team always work. You can achieve it either formally with team reviews or informally by interacting with people. With right analyses, you can attain a reliable software development solutions provider team for your company. 

If you want to hire any of the four elements of software development team, you must focus on the essential traits. Skipping any important trait can affect your company growth and development. If you don’t want to hire them, outsourcing software development option is always there for you.


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