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Small Business SEO: 5 Ways to Simplify Your Weekly Approach

SEO is constantly evolving. Every week you will come across a new hack or a trick that will aid you in making your SEO rankings amazing. Companies often struggle to make it to the top of the SERP. Here are some tips she shared that helped her to achieve the goal:

Set Clear Goals

It can be very overwhelming to see a pool of SEO tactics available. However, it is upon you to decide the one that will be the best for you. That can only happen if you are clear about your goals. As the goals will help you in deciding the tactic that best goes with it. You won’t only end up simplifying stuff for yourself but will also save you precious time. Suppose you are a marketing recruitment agency looking to achieve a certain set of goals.  Consider including some of the following in your list: 

  • Increasing search traffic by ‘X’ amount till ‘Y’ date
  • Increasing the number of backlinks on ‘X’ posts by a 100 each till ‘Y’ date
  • Driving more sales through content posts by ‘Y’ date

Once you have set for yourself actionable, realistic, and attainable goals, you will have to set a strategy. After the results start showing for your selected strategies, you will see what worked and what did not. Thus, making adjustments accordingly. 

Focus on Content Marketing 

If you are looking for driving inbound marketing, then content marketing should be your best friend. Content marketing is SEO. As you no longer refer to SEO as targeting the best keyword on your homepage. In the present world, SEO means creating content so engaging, it solves all of the searcher’s problems. However, make sure that you are original, produce high-quality content, and provide the people with the most relevant information. 

Focus is now on creating unbranded content as opposed to branded content. Not only is content marketing making rounds in B2B but B2C businesses as well. It is almost impossible for a brand to bring in new inbound traffic if the business does not pay focus on content marketing. 

Google for Keyword Research

Marketers end up spending hours on the keyword research activity. Think of this tedious task that you have to perform weekly. There should be a tool that allows you to do so in less time. The worst part is that there are many tools available and all of them are equally good. From Moz to Ahrefs to Google AdWords Keyword Planner, every tool is exceptional. 

However, you aim to simplify your SEO efforts and utilize the saved time elsewhere. The good news is that according to the recent algorithms, Google does not support keyword stuffing. Thus, focusing more on creating an extraordinary user experience. Google aims at letting people find all their answers sooner than they can imagine. It is for this reason that this platform dominates the keyword research area as well. 

Focus on more relatable and focused keywords that look natural rather than just stuffing the content with keywords that are performing well. Type in a query or search term and have a look at all the related questions regarding it. Those are the words that you should add to your content. Google hands over this list to you without charging you a penny or asking you to go through a list of thousands of keywords. 

Mention Influencers

The best and the easiest way is to earn backlinks is to mention influencers. You cannot undermine the importance of backlinks as they help you in generating traffic through organic search. Remember that SEO is all about driving the inbound traffic. However, you cannot achieve much if you do not earn a good rank on Google. This can only happen if you succeed in generating loads of valuable links. 

Remember that more the high-quality backlinks, more are your chances of ranking well on SERP. In simple words, you need more backlinks to rank yourself higher. However, do not forget that you cannot do with just any other backlink. Google won’t consider you if the backlink does not come from a trusted linking site. Be very careful when selecting. 

DO NOT consider buying links as it is the most fruitless activity. It won’t get you anywhere. Just look for relevant links. Mentioning influencers in your posts will help you get the job done. 

Speeding up the Site

Consider speeding up your site to eliminate any issues as well. According to reports, most of the sites aren’t fast and there need to be things done to make it fast. Some of the many SEO factors that are based on the speed of the site include bounce rate, engagement, and time on site. Do not let the visitors wait for more than 5-7 seconds when they visit your website. Your pages should load within this period. Otherwise, get ready to lose potential customers. 

Whether you run telecom staffing agencies or you have a clothing brand, these tips can be of great help to you in all scenarios. You should know how to make the best out of them and apply them wisely to make smart decisions.

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