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Shopify Plus: Find out all about the real cost of a Shopify Plus project.

How much does a Shopify Plus project actually cost and when is it worthwhile for e-merchants to migrate to Shopify Plus?

For most traders, regardless of their size. Whether we are talking about retail brands or multinationals, the change of e-commerce solution is never seen as good news. Rather like an extremely disheartening and disruptive project. It’s the same when you want to switch to Shopify plus and yet, let’s see together what it really costs.


In the event of an e-commerce site migration from Magento to Shopify for example, the amount of work to be done is indeed colossal! Among other things, we must ensure that the required functionalities are present, that the platform is reliable and robust and that the transition to the new platform is carefully prepared. Every trader understands that this represents significant costs to be incurred. Some of these expenses will be initial costs and others will be regular, ongoing costs that will need to be planned over a period of two or three years.

With the growing popularity of Shopify Plus in the corporate sector, more and more merchants are choosing to integrate this platform into tenders for their online store redesign. 

Many brands indeed use Shopify Plus: Gym shark, Good American, Samba, Sofa Club, Jung allow etc…

Shopify plus, despite its monthly license, can indeed be much cheaper than other e-commerce solutions like Magento 2. To do the calculation, we will add all the costs (BUILD + RUN) over 3 years and calculate the cost of e-commerce ownership. Total cost of ownership in English. 

But what are the costs of switching to Shopify Plus? Of course there are the basic license costs but not only! Other additional costs related to the project are encountered when using the platform.

For example, it will certainly be necessary to add modules, payment fees, a little maintenance or development.

So let’s try to paint a full picture so that merchants who are considering switching to Shopify Plus can clearly assess the suitability of this product, at least from a budget perspective.

Approximate average annual costs of a Shopify Plus shops

The figures below are assumptions based on the data we have accumulated.

A typical Magento site that wants to migrate to Shopify plus contains a few thousand products, a warehouse, sells mainly in France (even if the multi store at the coast at Magento), uses a payment system, 3 carriers and manages orders in an ERP.

This type of project can typically cost between 50,000 and 200,000 € with a web agency. This varies greatly depending on the design and the number of integration and recovery of the existing. 

Annual Shopify Plus license cost: From $ 24,000 per year. I’m going to simplify in euros and count € 24,000 for ease.

Shopify plus also charges fees based on turnover above € 800,000 in turnover / month. 

Purchase of third-party services (Lingo, Knots, Algeria etc…) Count around 500 € / tool / month or 6000 € / year. This number is inherently wrong as it varies greatly depending on the sellers and your size but you can use your current numbers if you have them. 

App costs (average) around € 300 / month, or € 3,600 / year 

Shopify Plus Program Year One Cost ~ $ 150,000 – $ 300,000 

Three years Shopify Plus Cost of ownership between € 250,000 ~ € 450,000 

You have to add to that the payment fees (credit card and / or commission fees from Shopify) but you now have a good vision of online marketing Auckland the real cost of a Shopify site.

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