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Semen Analysis Test Shows Low Sperm Count – What Now?

You need to realize that semen count decreases with increasing age, and if you are above 40, then low sperm count is not a real issue unless you are willing to conceive at this age. But if you are in your twenties or thirties and already facing less testosterone production, then it is a bad condition that could have several medical reasons behind it. However, if ageing or some non-serious medical issue is causing this lowered semen production, it can be recovered easily.

Various natural ingredients containing testosterone boosting supplement like semenax can help increase the production rate naturally. Let’s comprehensively discuss this medical condition and understand how the supplement could help recover from the situation.

Why Is It Necessary To Have An Adequate Sperm Count?

Firstly, the natural sperm count ranges between 120milliopn to 350million, and a lower sperm count means anything below 40million. Lesser sperm count affects the sexual health of an individual and decreases muscle growth and repair. Testosterone, when created by the testicles, is prominently used by the body to repair and grow muscles and develop proteins for bones density and other essential immune system processes.

If the testicles would be producing lower amounts of semen, then our body would be unable to perform basic repairing of muscles. This will eventually decrease an individual’s performance and healing power. Thus the semen levels must be maintained healthy, which improves sexual functions as well.

Semenax Ingredients And Their Role In Improved Semen Production

  • Maca, a common ingredient of all testosterone boosters, is derived from the maca plant or Peruvian ginseng roots as it is scientifically known. This natural plant extract is supposed to increase sperm quality and improve any infertility condition of the sperm.
  • These pills also contain vitamin E, which is supposed to increase testosterone levels naturally. Vitamin E will improve sex drive and stamina to perform better in bed.
  • Pine bark extract is scientifically proven to relax the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen-rich blood flow towards the penile area. This is helpful to provide a more vigorous and more prolonged erection.
  • Various berries extract like cranberry, hawthorn berry etc., are also added as they give added anti-oxidant effects to the supplement, which is vital for the proper functioning of sex glands.
  • Amino acids, namely L-Arginine and L-Lysine, are both present in the supplement that is supposed to remove any blockage of veins and arteries, which stop oxygen, blood, or semen to travel. These acids are good acids that work for our body’s benefit and are present in the supplement.

Besides these significant active components of the supplement, there are many more natural ingredients whose regular diet will make your testicles produce more testosterone after regular consumption. And once your testosterone levels are boosted, you can slowly reduce the dose and finally quit on the supplement as these don’t have any side effects on your body.

How To Determine If A Person Is Suffering From Lower Semen Production?

As mentioned in the beginning, one can conduct the semen analysis test through special kits or determine through some visible and non-visible symptoms. These symptoms are

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Reduced facial or body hair growth
  • Erection problem like shorter or non-stiff erections
  • Ejaculation and orgasm issues
  • The appearance of lump or swelling on the genitals

Lower semen production could have a variety of reasons which could be curable or non-curable. Non-curable reasons are cancer or permanent damage to testicles during any surgery or accident. Supplementary products like semenax are only helpful if the semen production is reduced due to any hormone imbalance or conditions from which recovery is possible.

Medical And Lifestyle Reasons That Lead To Reduced Semen Production

Generally, the temporary reduction in semen production rate is due to the following factors.

  • Overconsumption of tobacco, alcohol or hard drugs could lower testosterone levels. Among these, smoking tobacco which is habitual for many people, can reduce sperm count and become a primary reason for infertility.
  • Unhealthy eating of oily and fatty food could cause vein blockage, which leads to shorter erections and erectile dysfunction.
  • Often depression and emotional stress could also lower testosterone production. Having more and more anxiety every day kills your sex drive and results in decreased male virility.

Besides this, there are various medical conditions too, which could lead to reduced testosterone level. Medical issues like infection, tumour or cancer in the genitals could be the worst situation as they could cause permanent damage to the testicles. Or there can be less severe and curable medical conditions like ejaculation retrograde or hormone imbalance caused during any surgery or operation.

If the testicles are permanently damaged, then taking testosterone booster supplements is a waste of money. One should consult an expert for the reason of reduced testosterone level to verify if recovery is possible. Moreover, if a person has blood pressure issues or heart-related problems or diabetes, they should avoid taking booster pills as they could have unsuitable ingredients.

Risk-Free And No Side Effects Of Natural Supplements

Taking semenax is completely safe unless you have an intolerance for any ingredient included in making the supplement. One should check the ingredients list and verify this before consuming the supplements. For better results, it is advised to take one pill with every meal of a day and at most four capsules a day. The tablets will show their result in a couple of weeks but need the consumer to avoid smoking, consuming excess alcohol or doing drugs.

Also, you need to realize that these pills are meant to boost testosterone levels naturally and do not claim to boost testosterone levels to unexpected limits commercially. Thus, if the results are not as promising as expected, you should understand that it is due to the natural conditions and capacity of your testicles, and the supplement has nothing to do with it. Thus one needs to rely upon natural recovery too.

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